New Balance 801 Men's Sandals

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The 801 combines comfort and versatility to create a slide shoe that can be worn anywhere, anytime, by anyone. This slide�s design is inspired by shoes designed for trail running, and while it slips on as easily as any flip-flop, it helps protect your feet with its C-Cap midsole and rubber outsole. Available in a number of colors, the 801 slide is a casual shoe that feels anything but.

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Color: Black, Gray

Shoe/boot Type: mules, slides

Material: Rubber


Product Title: New Balance 801 Men's Sandals

Manufacturer: New Balance

Lowest Price: $60.00 from

Power Score: 4.8 | 12 Reviews

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Product Reviews (10)

light, comfortable and last a long time

My situation is a bit different, I have autism and can not tolerate anything that is tight or confining so finding comfortable shoes are very difficult mostly due to a full heel, mules or clogs work but most are made for women, are a full sandal or lack quality, until i found these more then 6 years ago. they are fast to throw on with or with out socks for most times of the year, shorts or jeans....
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By DracoAmericanus on - Mar 28, 2014

Just what I've been looking for

After years of searching for a lightweight shoe that doesn't have the tall heel part, but still supports, I've finally found what works for me. Three years ago I had a bout with shingles which left my leg and foot in pain most of the time. Walking in any shoe which rubbed my heel was like walking on a cheese grater! These shoes are just what I've needed. Thank you and yes, I do want one pair in...
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By Hardtofit13EE on - Jan 12, 2014


I have had my 801's over a year now and am planning on buying another pair. When I drive long distances I can take them off and put them back on easily. Wish they had a white with a contrast color though (Blue?)

By Jamesj on - Dec 24, 2013

excellent for a quick trip outside or to the store

Really comfortable right out of the box. Very good value as well. Probably not to be worn with shorts, but jeans and these are made for each other.

By sfwmson on - Nov 9, 2013

Recieved my 801 order yesterday - Thank God

They are the perfect size - I have a wide, hard to fit foot and these slipped right on and held my foot beautifully. I needed a backless shoe due to an inflamed ankle and these will be perfect, taking the stress off the tendon while providing support to the foot. Thank you.

By KarenB on - Oct 24, 2013

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