Soft Claws Feline Soft Claws Nail Caps Kitten Clear

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Easy-to-apply Kitten Soft Claws Nail Caps last four to six weeks and will not interfere with kittens' normal behavior. Kit includes 40 nail caps (20 each of two sizes).Item #ZX243


Product Title: Soft Claws Feline Soft Claws Nail Caps Kitten Clear

Manufacturer: Soft Claws

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Power Score: 4.6 | 20 Reviews

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I love this product. They are easy to maintain. Occasionally one or two will fall off and you just replace them. Great alternative to declawing. My cats don't destroy the woodwork in my house anymore.

By MARGARET KUEHNE on - May 9, 2012

Amazing Product

I love this product! We bought Soft Paws 2 days ago for our 1 year old cat Abigail. We bought them because we are moving out of country, and she kept popping the airbed which we sleep on and clawing us up. She was not too happy about getting them put on (we did it ourself's, took about 10 minutes, simple) After she got them on she was happy and pleasent again. I don't even think she notices them....
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By ProudArmyWifeMommy2Be on PETCO - Oct 1, 2011

Love them

I had the vet put these on both of my cats when they went in for their yearly shots. Yesterday was the first time I personally have tried to but them on. All I can say is wow, my kitten was not to happy. Now I'm kinda scared of even trying the big old cat. But I do love them. Wish I would have done this years ago on the older cat (then maybe my door frames wouldn't be so torn up). The only thing...
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By gsxrbunnie on PETCO - Jan 24, 2011


these are a great alternative to declawing - easy to put on and they fall off as the nail grows

By on PETCO - Dec 16, 2010

I put these on the squirmiest cat in the world.

I adopted a cat who was previously abused and HATES being restrained in any way, which he lets you know with his claws and teeth. I was going to pay my vet to apply these, but thought I'd give it a try. Here are my big tips: -Clip your cat's nails the day before so that it's not too much paw handling in one day. -Pick a place to apply them that is on a table top against a wall so that the cat...
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By pinknails3 on PETCO - Dec 11, 2010

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