Akubra Aussie Slouch Hat

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The Aussie Slouch Hat, one side turned up against the crown, has gained worldwide recognition. Akubra has made these hats for the Australian Army since the early 1900's. Proven in the toughest of desert and jungle conditions by Australia's fighting men, t

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Material: Felt

Hat types: felt hats


Product Title: Akubra Aussie Slouch Hat

Manufacturer: Akubra

Power Score: 5 | 18 Reviews

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Aussie Slouch Hat

I have loved this hat since the day it arrived! Awesome fit and can be shaped to your liking.

By Halodoc on David Morgan - Jun 13, 2013

A good looking quality hat,wear anywhere

I wanted a hat to give good sun protection and protection from the other elements. I will wear the hat for many outdoor activities including bowhunting and fishing. The hat arrived in two days and was well packed.

By joe on David Morgan - May 22, 2013

Great outdoor hat

The Aussie Slouch Hat was my first Akubra, and since getting it I've added a Cattleman to the collection and will hopefully be adding a Lightning Ridge or Territory in the future. I plan on using the Cattleman for dressier ocassions, and the Slouch for adventuring. After having worn "boonie" hats and baseball caps for many years on my outdoor adventures, I finally decided to try going old school,...
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By Jedi5150 on David Morgan - Mar 9, 2013

Great Hat

The hat was great. Used it on our new year's Carribean Cruise. Good Sun protection. Got many positive comments. In the wind it did come up, forcing me to use the chin strap.Do you have any suggestions for remidying this? Will be using the hat at home for outdoor recretional activities. Glad I got It.

By no nickname on David Morgan - Jan 15, 2013

Wearing a Legend

Amazing hat, makes me feel on the same footprint of the great explorers, hunters and (why not ?) heroes of the past century.  Thus: it makes me kid another time. And a great hat too: very confortable, light and adjustable. Then I have to say that I already have a feldsjagermutze for hunting, during winter time, lacked an other useful and legerndary hat for hunting during spring and summer time.

By The Righi on David Morgan - Dec 17, 2012

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