Zeiss Aluminum Tripod Set With Tilt Head

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The Zeiss Aluminum Tripod features a state-of-the-art photo/video head that will enhance your observation and photography. With the built-in sliding balance plate and the improved quick-release plate, youll be able to remove, mount and ready differing optical equipment with ease. Using the left-or right-hand mountable control arm, youll note the exceptionally smooth and fluid action. The advanced counter-balance spring and height-adjustable leg set ensure an incredibly stable platform. For use with Zeiss DiaScopes and PhotoScope. Works with most Zeiss binoculars with the Zeiss Binofix Tripod Adapter. Includes spikes, locking clips and a carry strap. Weight: 7.9 lbs.


Product Title: Zeiss Aluminum Tripod Set With Tilt Head

Manufacturer: Zeiss

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