Manfrotto/Bogen 322RC2 GRIP ACTION BALL HEAD

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Take the versatility of a ball head, add true ergonomic control and you get the 322RC2 Horizontal Grip Action Ballhead! The 322RC2 is unique in that it allows you to unblock, move, position and lock your camera with one hand in one position. This is due to the revolutionary design of its grip handle which incorporates the ball lock lever. A friction control wheel lets you regulate the power of the blocking mechanism to match the weight of your camera and lens. The 322RC2 is made from magnesium for lightweight performance, and is designed to keep the weight of your equipment as close as possible to the tripod's center of gravity by way of its reduced height. It is this fact, matched with the precision construction of the 322RC2 that gives the head its load capacity of 11 lbs (5.5lb capacity when in the vertical position). The 322RC2 comes complete with a built-in bubble spirit level and quick release camera plate (standard 1/4 - 20" screw, with secondary safety pin). The 322RC2 is suitable for use with 35mm or medium format cameras. In addition, you can also mount the 322RS shutter release accessory. The 322RS is a world's first. With its remote control electronic camera shutter release, the 322RC2 becomes the only photographic head available today that can put camera control within reach without having to move your hand from the head grip to the camera body.


Product Title: Manfrotto/Bogen 322RC2 GRIP ACTION BALL HEAD

Manufacturer: Manfrotto/Bogen

Lowest Price: $94.00 from Adorama

Power Score: 4.5 | 12 Reviews

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Product Reviews (12)

Everything I hoped for.

Strengths: durable. great design.

Weakness: bubble level cannot be seen when using some very large telephoto lenses. A little heavy.

This is a great ball head. It does have a few minor quirks. For example when attaching large, heavy telephotos as instructed, the bubble level cannot be seen. And, this is certainly not one of the lightest ball heads around. Still, the item is very solid with great ergonomic design. Everything I’ve come to expect from Manfrotto—great quality at a fair price.

By jay_eye - Aug 20, 2007

Manfrotto Ball Head

Strengths: Extremely easy to adjust.

This is a great product. I was impressed with the quality. Besides that, the design makes it very easy to adjust to create perfect framing. I also ordered the electronic shutter release. I have yet to use that, but think it is a great concept and will prove to help me to shoot much more efficiently when using my tripod. I paired this head with the 3001bpro legs and think it will be a great combo.

By laurakbeck - Jul 5, 2006

Not my favorite purchase

Strengths: well made

Weakness: Hard to get camera level,harder to use than I thought. Hard to control when camera, flash, bracket are all on the tripod.

I am not as impressed with this as I thought I would be. I liked it ok when it was holding my camera and lens only, but add the weigh and height of the flash and bracket and it is very hard to use (my equipment totals 6 lbs this ballhead claims to support 13.2). I have a lot of trouble trying to get it level. It claims to be easy to use with one hand. Maybe for a strong man, but I do not have the...
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By kristenwatkins - May 24, 2006

Bogen 322 RC2 Grip Action

Strengths: Easy to use

Weakness: can't handle weight more than 12 lbs

This Bogen / manfrotto 322RC2 GRIP ACTION BALL HEAD is good for outdoor photography. With fast action grip, you can virtually go to any direction without worry to fasten the ballhead. The leveler help a lot. Can be set for left hand, right hand and vertigal grip.

The only weakness is can't handle weight more than 12 lbs

By alx888 - Feb 20, 2006

Bogen 322RC

Strengths: Built solid,fluid motion, tension knob comes in handy when usinf different weight lenses,

Weakness: Would like to see the palm plate rubberized, for cold weather use.

Found this acc. while looking for something to top my momopod, actually thinkning about buying one for my tripod. Work's real good with my 80-200 attached to my digital bodys.

By lcraft - Dec 30, 2005

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