Orion Telescopes Orion LensPen Mini Pro

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The Orion LensPen Mini Pro is a superb tool for cleaning optical lenses. If you've ever been plagued with dusty, grimy eyepieces or lenses in the field, do yourself a favor and pick up an Orion Mini Pro for your accessory case. This handy pen-shaped cleaning tool works wonders on binocular eyepieces and objective lenses also. Clip one onto the case of your favorite binoculars and you'll never have to worry about fingerprints or smudges blurring your view. The Orion LensPen Mini Pro features a retractable camel-hair brush for safe removal large particles and an ingenious flexible chamois-pad cleaning tip to eliminate pesky fingerprints and smudges. The cap contains a specially formulated non-liquid spill-proof cleaning compound designed to never dry out. Just replace the cap onto the cleaning tip and give it a half-twist to replenish the cleaning compound.


Product Title: Orion Telescopes Orion LensPen Mini Pro

Manufacturer: Orion Telescopes

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