Q-See QC448-418-5 Video Surveillance System

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Just because you've left for the day, it doesn't mean that your needs for security and peace of mind has ended as well. Whether you're out for a few hours or for an extended vacation, Q-See's 4-Camera Surveillance Bundle lets you remotely monitor your home or business with confidence. Check in on your family or employees, keep an eye on your property and deter theft with this complete package.This DVR+camera bundle includes an 8-channel security DVR with a pre-installed 500GB hard drive for extended recording times. With both CIF and D1 recording options, enjoy the added detail of D1 resolution video and the smooth playback of CIF resolution video.Let the four color 420 TVL cameras watch your property for you. The cameras have a 1/4 Sony CCD image sensors, 420 TV lines of resolution, 24 Infrared LEDs and a 40 foot (12m) night vision range. Ready-made with a pre-assembled, 3-axis mount for easy placement of the camera on a wall, ceiling, or other flat surface. The smart design helps to deter vandalism with cables that route directly through the bracket. Standard 60 foot cables are included with each camera for immediate installation.QC series DVRs are equipped with Central Management Software (CMS). This advantageous feature allows you to access multiple same-series DVRs within your network or through the Internet. If you have two or more same-series DVRs in various locations (home office/business site, multiple retail sites, regional locations, etc.) you can conveniently view up to 64 cameras on one single screen. Additionally, up to 20 users can remotely log into the DVR at the same time and dual-stream technology allows for easier internet access with lower bandwidths.


Product Title: Q-See QC448-418-5 Video Surveillance System

Manufacturer: Q-See

Power Score: 4.0 | 6 Reviews

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I was not able to get the system to be visible through my router, which is the main reason I bought it. Returning it.

After multiple attempts to get the system visible through my router I gave up. I tried every approach in the set up guide and none of them worked. Since the remote capability was one of the main reasons I bought this, I'm returning it. I will probably try a Defender system. They seem to have better reviews than Q-See.

By TexasMark on Home Depot - Jan 6, 2013

Great Quality for Price

Qsee customer service was good. I had some problems setting up the system, but contacted them and they quickly helped me troubleshoot the problems. Overall, a good product for the price.

By joey on Home Depot - Dec 18, 2012

Easy to use product

Fast shipping, easy to use product, recommend purchase

By TMH1 on Home Depot - Dec 18, 2012

Great Product

Bought this item because it said cameras could be viewed on iPhone or iPad. Was skeptical but after installing cameras and DVR, learned how to download app for iPhone and sure enough, was able to view my cameras from anywhere on iPhone. Good quality daylight camers, low light is better than expected but of course a bit grainy. Able to view outside cameras at night with no other light assistance...
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By DYIer on Home Depot - Nov 14, 2012

It's one of th best security systems

Using this product for years has been awesome and helped in lot of situations

By Tumkuri on Home Depot - Nov 13, 2012

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