Lorex LW2702 Digital Wireless Surveillance System

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Wireless security camera system wins the 2010 innovation award, the lorex LW2702 wireless security system has the best digital wireless cameras with a wireless range of 450FT, and 40FT of night vision. The wireless receiver is built-in to a 7inch LCD screen that records what the wireless camera captures to a SD card.


Product Title: Lorex LW2702 Digital Wireless Surveillance System

Manufacturer: Lorex

Power Score: 4.4 | 39 Reviews

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front yard surveillance

This unit is perfect for my front yard surveillance. My mailbox is near the road plus I have a neighbor who is less than ideal,. This allows me to see anyone who comes in my yard. The reception has been good but the images are mid quality. The aggrevation is that the cameras must be plugged into an outlet so I had to have an electrician put in receptacles for them. I replaced 2G SD card with a...
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By Anne on Home Depot - Jul 3, 2012

Easy and reliable

Been using this now for about 2 months and it is working great - no problems with the cameras - they have even been rained on a few times - definitely has been worth the money!!

By Betty on Home Depot - Jun 7, 2012

Easy to install, gives the video & sound surveillance I need.

Easy to install, gives the video & sound surveillance I need. Daylight viewing and night viewing quality are very similar. Like the easy output to my vcr-tv units. I mounted the recvr/viewer next to my tv for convenience. Also this has the ability to increase the two cameras to four. Serves as compliment to motion detector floodlights. The remote control and instruction book are good. Thanks....
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By Charles on Home Depot - Jun 6, 2012

outstanding system

This is my first system and love it, easy to install and operate. Yes you do need a power for the cameras. The only minor problem was my receiver stoped working, contacted them and they sent new receiver and power cord, changed out power cord and all good. Sent new receiver and bad power cord, yes they paid for all

By MrGa on Home Depot - Jun 6, 2012

This product has wonderful features.

I read the reviews before I purchased and the other reviews were right on target. The Cameras and Monitors work great. I am so glad I purchased this product. The most thing I love about the product it lets me know when someone pulls up in my drive way.

By China on Home Depot - May 29, 2012

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