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Camera Reviews

Most Helpful Reviews

4 Star Review Cyber-shot DSC-W1 Compact Camera - Silver (2.5" LCD - 3x Optical Zoom - 32 MB Memory Stick Included - 2592 x 1944 Image - 640 x 480 Video - PictBridge)


snufalufagus1 - (September 24, 2004) I spent a LOT of time investigating digital cameras online -one would think I was buying a car or something. Anyway I am a novice camera user and remain very impressed with this little guy. I would certainly recommend it. The movie mode is great for 'vignettes' or small movie snapshots. I also use the black and white a lot. I also didn't think the LCD would matter very much, but it does: I never use the viewfinder. I appreciate the large size of the LCD when passing the camera around to friends to view pictures and movies. Hint #1: Immediately jack up the megapixel resolution to 5 so that you can capture moments in the best resolution possible. Then, bypass Sony's ridiculous profit margin

5 Star Review PowerShot A95 5 Megapixel Compact Camera (1.8" LCD - 3x Optical Zoom - 32 MB CompactFlash CF Card Included - 2592 x 1944 Image - 640 x 480 Video - PictBridge)


joysmahal - (October 27, 2004) This camera is awesome. I upgraded from a Canon A70 and it was well worth the money. The Canon A95 uses 4 AA bateries, but it eats through normal alkalines way too fast. I highly recommend getting rechargeable NiMH AA batteries and a quick charger. The swivel screen is a major plus, it's 1.8" compared to 1.5" from the Canon A70. The screen is also higher resolution than the A70. I have used the camera for 3 weeks and printed about 50 pics so far. The pics look great and I even cropped to zoom in on some pictures and you couldn't see any sign of pixelation. I love the manual flexibility with this camera, plus the automatic modes make it easy for anyone to use. The camera

5 Star Review SM-R1 USB Flash Card Reader (SmartMedia - USB)


speaklightly - (August 21, 2004) As a professional digital camera lecturer, I must admit that the Fuji E-550 was a very pleasant surprise for me. Priced at about $340, this digital camera produced digital photos that were much sharper, more detailed, and more excellent than I, frankly expected. I found the digital camera very easy to use right out of the box. While this digital camera does have a 12mp interpolated image size available, I found the 6mp native image size to have more contrast, detail and resolution. As you might expect in a consumer digital camera, the digital camera's flash is not very powerful. At 200 ISO it will produce excellent exposures out to 13 feet. By adding a supplementary slave flash such as

Latest Reviews

5 Star Review EOS 70D Black Digital SLR Camera Kit w/ 18-55 mm Lens (20.2 MP, 3.1x Opt, SD Card Slot)

maryshanglou - (02/27/2014) I bought it for my dad, and he's an amateur lover of photographer. It's not too intimidating but has that professional feel and weight. He's been using it whenever he goes out, and I'm happy to be the object of his photos if I happen to be around :-) So it is definitely a win-win.

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