Kodak EKTAR 100 Color Film Roll


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World's finest-grain color negative film


Product Title: Kodak EKTAR 100 Color Film Roll

Manufacturer: Kodak

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Power Score: 4.6 | 45 Reviews

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Very nice film, with nice tones and dece

This is a great film. I really like the tones and the color effects it gives. I am glad it is still around but I just wish it were a bit cheaper. I shoot a lot of slide film but after trying Ektar, I am slowly moving more toward it.

By stric on Adorama - Sep 30, 2013

Kodak Ektar film

Great film. Lets you enlarge to 24 x 16

By Jack on Adorama - Sep 2, 2013

Great Film!

I'm no pro, but I don't mind saying that Kodak's Ektar 100 is the best film I've ever used. I've only ever shot on 35mm (and I don't plan on changing that), and I haven't tried a vast array of films. Up until a few years ago, I just bought the cheapest film I could, and had it processed at one of the big chain drug stores...and I wondered why my pictures looked bad! Anyway, the greatest thing...
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By Myk Loves 35mm! on Adorama - Jul 31, 2013

No complaints

Gave me exactly what I was looking for!

By d. on Adorama - Jul 12, 2013

Sharp with sparkling colour

Nice low grain film for good lighting or tripod use. Scans well.

By Desmolicious on Adorama - Apr 23, 2013

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