Kodak BW400CN 35mm Professional Black & White Film Roll


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Kodak Professional BW400CN Film is a multi-purpose 400-speed black-and-white chromogenic film designed for processing in color negative chemistry and printing on color negative paper.


Product Title: Kodak BW400CN 35mm Professional Black & White Film Roll

Manufacturer: Kodak

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Power Score: 4.5 | 11 Reviews

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Consistently good

I have used this product extensively - mainly with a Nikon F3 or Nikon F100 - in bright daylight and also in poor lighting. The quality of print is consistently good. Sharp, great contrast and definition. It scans beautifully too. The ease of processing is another plus that makes this a good film to have in my bag.

By Doglet on Adorama - Aug 21, 2013

Its a no brainer, simply the best.

With the ability to be pushed or pulled it is by far the best chromogenic film on the market today. It responds well with the use of red and yellow filters however exposure times must be calculated to avoid under-exposure.

By Big Time 44 on Adorama - Apr 24, 2013

Good chromogenic B&W film.

This is great for when you want a black and white film you can get developed anywhere via C-41. Fine grain and good response, plus relatively high speed (ISO 400) makes it a good choice for a general film. It does have an orange mask for printing, but whe

By jec6613 on Adorama - Mar 26, 2013

I always ave good luck with this product

It does the job at a good price. Even for the amuter photographer.

By Nick S on Adorama - Jul 11, 2012

B&W film alive and well

I love this film. Plenty of film processing locations. So, good to use when traveling. Wide range on same roll, have shot multiple ISO from 200 to 800 with normal processing with good results. Digital lite. Not much contrast when scanned; performs well wi

By 4cf on Adorama - May 9, 2012

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