Lenmar NoMEM Lithium-Ion Battery

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Lenmar Battery For Canon NB-3I Digital Cameras.

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Product Type: Camera Battery

Parent Product Type: Battery Chargers:MSC1USB


Product Title: Lenmar NoMEM Lithium-Ion Battery

Manufacturer: Lenmar

Lowest Price: $9.99 from Walmart.com

Power Score: 4.4 | 5 Reviews

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Product Reviews (5)

Lenmar DLC3L -- Nice battery and does the job!

Strengths: Does its job as well as Canon's original NB3L, but much cheaper!

Weakness: None.

I bought this replacement battery as a backup for my canon IXY300a which uses NB3L. Can't love it more! It does all it's supposed to do. Recharged fast and lasts long. At this price, you can't ask more. Highly recommended.

By brighttie - Jan 8, 2008

Lenmar DLC3L batteries are a great, low-cost option!

Strengths: Charge lasts as long as original, very inexpensive, high quality.

Weakness: None!

Ordered two of these from amazon for about $9 each instead of paying the $40-$50 for an original canon NB3L battery. These work just as well at less than a quarter of the cost, at least in my Canon SD550 camera. Last as long, fit perfectly, absolutely no difference. Save your money for more important things, and buy these batteries for your Canon digital camera instead of an overprice Canon brand...
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By wrtoyworks - Jan 9, 2007

Lenmar Canon battery

Strengths: Cheap, works just as good as canon battery

Weakness: none

This is a great generic battery replacement for the canon battery. It is way cheap and gives about the same amount of energy as the canon battery. I use on my Canon SD500 camera.

By merwynp - Jun 15, 2006

Lenmar DLC3L Battery for Canon SD10

Strengths: quick charge, works as good as NB3L

Weakness: none yet

I've only had the battery for one day, but so far, it works great. My NB3L had gotten to the point where it was showing that it was about to die after just a few pictures (have had it for 2 years.) The DLC3L charged quickly and works just as good as the NB3L did when I first got the camera.

By lbuscher - Feb 22, 2006

Good Battery

Strengths: Compatible, Cheap

Weakness: Maybe a little bit hit?

I bought this battery for my Canon SD500. It works very well. Last as long as the authentic Canon battery. It is much cheaper than the authentic Canon battery. I have used this battery for two months with intensive usage. Hundred of pictures have been shot. The only thing I found is once I used for shooting many short AVI movies, the battery part of the camera is a little bit warmer than normal....
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By riverseow - Dec 13, 2005

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