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Duracell charger offer you the quality and dependability you''ve come to trust from Duracell, in a long-lasting, cost-effective power option.

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Product Type: Battery Charger

Parent Product Type: AA NiMH BatteriesAAA NiMH Batteries


Product Title: Duracell 1 Hour Battery Charger

Manufacturer: Duracell

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Power Score: 4.2 | 33 Reviews

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Duracell CEF80N does not work

Strengths: Does not work

Weakness: Does not work

No matter what batteries I try to charge (the 4 Duracell AAs that came with it, or other NIMH batteres, I get only the flashing red light...sometimes slow flash, sometimes fast, sometimes no lights at all. That's it.

By boband99 - Feb 28, 2008

Duracell CEF80N 1-hour charger with included 4 AA NiMH 2050mAh batteries => GOOD ONE!

Strengths: STRENGTHS: Worldwide input voltage 100-240v; Charges either 4 AA or 4 AAA at a time; Indeed takes 1 hour to charge; Reliable brand; Detachable power adaptor with super long 6-feet cord; Includes 4 AA

Weakness: WEAKNESSES: Charges only NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) rechargeable batteries; Bulky because it comes with power adaptor; Flimsy AA to AAA switch; Included batteries are 2050mAh; Unit is Made in China.

Overall I’m happy with my purchase. Duracell is a very well known and reliable brand. It charged 4 AA batteries in exactly 1 hour. Included 4 AA NiMH 2050mAh rechargeable batteries are not high capacity but at least are made in Singapore. Charger doesn’t overheat batteries when charge is done. Batteries of course get a bit warm but not hot to cause you a burning, at least with US input...
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By AlexSvenson - Jun 28, 2006

One of the Best Chargers in the Market

Strengths: Compact Size

Weakness: Nothing specific

Bought one at Staples and used the first time and since then never bought normal batteries. Works not only with Duracell but with other branded rechargeable batteries. Key feature is that "1 Hour" which becomes handy when needed.

By Enthusiastic - Aug 26, 2005

Duracell AA/AAA Charger Kit Review

Strengths: Dual Voltage, Very Fast Charging, Batteries can be charged individually.

Weakness: Bulky. Once you plug in the Power adapter it takes couple of seconds to show the power status light on the charger, its not instant.

This is a good charger with a very fast charging. Once the Charging is completed, the individual status lights turn Red to Green so there is no need of guessing when a battery is charged. The Kit comes with four "AA" NiMH batteries. Its a bit unesy to take along the Charger with the power adapter, it would have been great if they could have implemented the power adapter in Charger itself. Once...
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By tqadir - Jul 15, 2005

I am happy with the Duracell...

Strengths: Charging Speed

Weakness: No International support.

I am happy with the Duracell Charger. The batteries also hold the charge well. The speed at which it charges it makes the batteries very hot. I am using these batteries in the Canon A 85 camera and it holds the charge for very good time. Usually I take around 100 - 150 pics and I have not seen any problems.

By rameshraju - Jun 24, 2005

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