Manfrotto/Bogen 676B Digi Monopod (Black) - Supports 10 lb

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What is even more compact, even lighter, even quicker to set up than a DIGI tripod? A DIGI monopod! When you do not need the total hands-free support of a tripod, a monopod is a convenient shoulder to lean on. A Four section, lightweight monopod with rapid action extension locks for compact spotting scopes. 1/4-20 inch fixing screw.


Product Title: Manfrotto/Bogen 676B Digi Monopod (Black) - Supports 10 lb

Manufacturer: Manfrotto/Bogen

Power Score: 4.0 | 10 Reviews

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Value for money budget monopod

Strengths: Lightweight, good build and reasonably sturdy. Comes with a strap

Weakness: Only has 1/4-20" screw, strap easily comes undone

Despite it made in china, the monopod is sturdy, lightweight, easily adjusted and locks tightly. It is good value for money if you're looking for a no-frills budget monopod. One of the problems is that it only has a 1/4-20" screw, and it won't accept other tripod heads that use 3/8"-16 screw threads. I had to buy an extra bushing adaptor. Also, the strap buckle easily comes undone, so you might...
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By eightyhertz - Jul 29, 2008

676B Digi Monopod

Strengths: Extremely Lightweight

Weakness: retracting legs

I don't know if I got the only defective monopod but I've had bogen tripods for years and have had no problems retracting the legs. After the 2nd time out, the first section refuses to retract back into the body.

By hilojoy - Aug 3, 2007

Decent budget Tripod

Strengths: Manfrotto quality and reputation. Supports more than the rated 10lb. Light weight. Comes with strap.

Weakness: Made in PRC is a bit disappointing for those of us looking for Made in Italy stuff.

This is a decent tripod for the money. Paid about $25 so can't complain about that. Nice solid gauge aluminum and hard plastic latches. Very sturdy for its weight and construction. Manfrotto fit and finish as always. IMHO I don't see the need for exotic materials like Basalt or Carbon fiber atleast for monopods as they are pretty light already. So if you are on a tight budget and looking for a...
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By seyak - Jun 29, 2007

676B Digi Monopod by Manfrotto

Strengths: Excellent design,quality workmanship and materials

Weakness: At approximately 60 inches, this monopod could use another 4 to 6 inches

My plans include using the monopod as a walking stick as I photograph nature subjects in their natural element. The monopod is so quiet that it make no noise as it constantly pounds the ground when I am walking. It is also so strong that it supports me and my equipment very well. It is a great addition to my Manfrotto tripod and other equipment. This monopod will be with me for a long, long time....
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By jesseonsafari - Jan 17, 2007

The Digi Monopod is just what is...

Weakness: None.

The Digi Monopod is just what is needed to ensure clear photos. It is compact, light, easy to transport and pack. Product is as advertised.

By lkanowith - Jan 15, 2007

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