Black & Decker Battery Charger. 10-Amp Simple Battery Charger BCS10B

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Shop for Automotive at The Home Depot. The BLACK & DECKER 10-Amp Simple Battery Charger, with its high frequency charge technology, charges 12-volt batteries quickly and efficiently. This charger features a simple selector dial and a scrolling LCD screen which displays charger rate, battery diagnostics and voltage.


Product Title: Black & Decker Battery Charger. 10-Amp Simple Battery Charger BCS10B

Manufacturer: Black & Decker

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Power Score: 5 | 6 Reviews

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Works great

Product was purchased to replace a charger that kept failing saying a cell was shorted. This one easily attached and fully charged a dead battery.

By oldguy66 on Home Depot - Jan 8, 2013

Was easy to use by this 73 yr. old lady!

I really like the ease of use and handling. I am disabled and can't carry to much, as I have to use a walker or canes. But this one was a breeze to handle and use. Thank you for a good product.

By NanaD on Home Depot - Dec 2, 2012

Simple to operate

I had another charger, but it didn't seem to be charging. The needle would move occasionally, but didn't appear to be charging my batteries. I decided to purchase this charger thinking the other one was not operational. I hooked it up to a battery and it indicated the battery was charged. I placed the battery in my tractor and it cranked right up. The fact that this charger tells you when a...
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By Termin8or on Home Depot - Oct 16, 2012

Works exceptionally well, great features.

I think somebody might have posted the wrong specification sheet for this model. The BCS10B does Not include the engine start feature but does include a cooling fan. The advertised 6-hour charge time (from dead to done) is accurate, the digital display keeps constant update of battery voltage and any issues, and the battery condition meter appears to actually work! The only thing I miss is a...
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By Kapetti on Home Depot - Jul 21, 2012

Highly recommended battery charger

I just returned home after an extended vacation to two cars with dead batteries. Purchased this charger after looking at several in two other stores. It works very well, screen gives exact detail of what it is doing and voltmeter shows what is happening to the battery. I highly recommend it, it is a good value and does a great job.

By Salty on Home Depot - May 28, 2012

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