Supereyes A005+ 5.0MP 0.1 ~ 500X Fine-Auto Focus Handheld USB Digital Microscope Loupe Magnifier...

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With Supereyes microscope, you could view and share the small details of a specimen or object right on a computer screen. It is a great tool for quality control, PCB inspection, health/medical purposes, numismatics and jewelry inspection and etc. Supereyes A005+ is one of the most advanced microscope model. With fine-auto focus function, it will greatly save your time on looking for focus. How to use Supereyes A005/A005+: Firstly use manual focus to find the approximately right focal point, and then the fine auto-focus would work for you to find the accurate focal point. The fine auto-focus's working range is about 0 ~ 10 mm. If the distance changes too much, manual focus is needed. Supereyes also have other auto-focus models A004/A004+ (touch-point auto-focus), A006 (ultimate auto focus) for your choice. Please find the specific links for detail information. The display speed of 5 MP might be slow, it depends on your computer's specifications and USB 2.0's transfer rates. We recommend you to use 2 MP for previewing and 5 MP for taking photo. The magnification factor of a USB microscope depends on its sensor, lens and monitor size. Sensor is the most important factor. If a microscope only has 0.3 MP sensor, it is unlikely that it has bigger power than a 2.0 MP one. Please make sure that you know the real sensor of a USB microscope before purchasing! Supereys model A005+ have a real 5MP high quality sensor, and it will provide you best image quality. Package including: * USB Microscope X 1 * Metal stand Z001 X 1 * CD X 1 (if you don't have CD-ROM, please visit Supereyes website to download software) * Ruler for calibration X 1 Notice: For PC users, please download Supereyes V3.5 to get full compatibility with Win 8 32/64 bit.


Product Title: Supereyes A005+ 5.0MP 0.1 ~ 500X Fine-Auto Focus Handheld USB Digital Microscope Loupe Magnifier with LED Metal Stand

Manufacturer: Supereyes

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