Nikon SB-700 AF Flashlight

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The next great speedlight from Nikon is here, introducing the Nikon SB-700, a high-performance portable flash with a host of new features designed to make flash photography simple, accurate and creative. The SB-700 is for photographers looking for an on-camera Speedlight offering more power for greater depth-of-field control than the built-in flash or for users looking for a compact Speedlight that can be set up as a Commander or a Remote in wireless flash set-ups as well as those who want to upgrade from their existing or older Nikon Speedlight.


Product Title: Nikon SB-700 AF Flashlight

Manufacturer: Nikon

Lowest Price: $326.95 from

Power Score: 4.5 | 106 Reviews

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Product Reviews (11)

Great Product

Needed another flash for off camera lighting... I understand how to use it so I have no problems.. the only flaw (imo) I feel this flash has is that you can only use AA batteries to power it. Lucky fo me I have a lot of rechargeable batteries when I do wedding and corporate events.

By JI Photography on Adorama - Nov 8, 2013

Great deal

I was able to take this out of the box and easily put it to use.

By Cathy on Adorama - Oct 16, 2013

I want another

I love how easy it is to use. I have an SB 910 & SB 700. I Plan on getting a few more SB 700 s

By G Man on Adorama - Oct 8, 2013

Excellent lighting system

It worked so well I bought a second. I could not ask for a more affordable portable lighting system. I use it with my D90. The only bad shots I've taken with it are the ones I've taken on purpose that shows people the differences in adjusting the positioning of light on subject matter. Very good system for the price.

By Mitch on Adorama - Sep 30, 2013

Love It

Works great. It really makes a difference when photographing people. Sometimes just using the supplied diffuser makes a marvelous difference, but being able to bounce the light off an adjoining wall creates a completely different feel and far better light.

By RobPortil on Adorama - Sep 24, 2013

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