Reviews for 120J Auto Bracket/Light Stand Mount Flash (Guide No. 150'/46 m at 50mm) Kit with TR-PAK IIA Battery Pack

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I originally bought 2 units for...

Strengths: Versatile and powerful flash for non-professionals/hobbyists who don't require fast recycling AND high volume simultaneously

Weakness: The tr-pak !!a is fast enough but very fragile, other power sources are just too slow for practical pro use, "emerging" pros will find this is not such a great value after all.

I originally bought 2 units for outdoor portraits. I finally wound up going to alternating the battery packs and only using one unit after cooking both my original batteries. here are the "real world" specs:
--flash recycle with fresh batteries = @ 14 seconds
--flash recycle with AC source = @ 14 seconds
--flash recycle with TR-Pak IIa = @ 2 seconds...BUT, after 10 full power/30 partial power flashes at that recycle rate, the battery must be allowed 10 MINUTES to cool/recover or you'll cook it for sure and have to replace the $60 dollar battery inside.

By fotografur - Mar 11, 2005