Olympus IS-20 QD 35mm Camera


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Because sharp images require stable cameras, this 35mm Olympus camera is contoured so you can hold it comfortably. A 4-way button on the camera controls the 28-110mm zoom, while autofocus SLR (single lens reflex) accurately defines the subject. A dioptic corrector sharpens the image in the viewfinder. Features a high-powered twin flash, macro zoom as close as 2.5 ft, and quartz date imprinting. Other features include: spot metering; ESP auto exposure with fuzzy-logic programming; portrait, landscape, stop-action and night scene exposure modes; auto-S flash with red-eye reduction. Strap included. Uses two (DL123A or CR123A) 3V lithium batteries (not included). No. 101-760. Imported. 4-1/2Hx4-3/4Wx3-1/2D"

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Focus Features: Auto Focus, Focus Lock

Flash: Automatic Flash, Built-in Flash, Fill Flash, Flash Cancel (On/Off), Redeye Reduction

Film Drive: Auto Film Advance, Auto Film Loading, Auto Film Rewind


Product Title: Olympus IS-20 QD 35mm Camera

Manufacturer: Olympus

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Power Score: 3.3 | 3 Reviews

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This is my first point and shoot...

Strengths: Ready to use capability. Ease of use. Battery life is good so far. Film advance is good. Durable.

Weakness: Lens is permanent. 110mm could be 135mm for tighter images. Film loading can be tricky if you are in a hurry to use camera. Day/date buttons hard to use with fingers. Shutter release is hair trigger.

This is my first point and shoot 35mm camera. Overall, camera performs as expected. Manual provided was reproduced so not easy to follow on some pages. If you want a true 35mm with all the bells and whistles, this is not for you. I have had no problem with battery life. Camera is ready to use when activated. Best to use the auto focus setting for most images. Shutter release is hair trigger so be...
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By alxmtn - Apr 22, 2003

I've had this nice piece of...

Strengths: High end powerful Camera with high powerflash.

Weakness: Recent problem with Battery Life.

I've had this nice piece of equipment for almost 2yrs. Had lots of nice pic. taken with it until recently when the battery goes dead after just one snap of a picture. You have to turn it off and on again to get it working again. Tried new sets of battery with no help. Hate to throw away this nice piece of equipment since I am not convince of the new Digital Camera are up to any good. Most of the...
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By ikeofa2 - Apr 12, 2003

Over 3 years I've taken this...

Strengths: Terrific low-light performance. Landscapes are clear and sharp. Great for portraits too. Cheapest 110mm lens you can get anywhere.

Weakness: Lens cannot be changed. Cable trigger for shutter not available. No manual focus.

Over 3 years I've taken this camera with me to mountaintops, through back country in rain and slush, used it during snowstorms, and even dropped it. It takes a beating and weathers it. The most outstanding feature is the flash. It reaches an insane 30 feet (with ISO 400 film), and even with ISO 200 film you can work wonders inside tunnels and in places like aquaria. I've done dozens of nighttime...
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By quark4 - Sep 27, 2002

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