Nikon N75QD 35MM Autofocus SLR Camera Body Only

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Camera Body Only: Yes

Focus Features: Auto Focus, Manual Focus, Multiple Point Focusing

Flash: Fill Flash, Flash Cancel (On/Off), Accessory Shoe, TTL Auto Flash

Film Drive: Auto Film Advance, Auto Film Loading, Auto Film Rewind, Continuous Advance, Mid-Roll Rewind


Product Title: Nikon N75QD 35MM Autofocus SLR Camera Body Only

Manufacturer: Nikon

Power Score: 5 | 2 Reviews

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nikon N75

Strengths: easy to use/love the date feature/love the autofocus/takes great pictures!!!!

Weakness: Although fairly lightweight than most, the SLR cameras are bigger than other point and shoot cameras, so it takes up extra space on a trip or outing with the kids.

My other Nikon N65 autofocus feature broke and I am lost without it! Your website offered the best price for the body! This was just what I was looking for for the right price! I kove the Nikon Slr's much better than digitals because the pictures are clearer! Because of the picture clarity and I love to capture every moment of our 3 little ones- its worth not yet converting to a smaller version!
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By cwassell - Mar 12, 2006

35mm camera

Strengths: Does everything I need

Weakness: None

This camera is a beautiful companion w/ a DSLR. Though digital is much easier to use, this camera is a good 35mm addition to the collection. The handle is kind of too small for my hands but the picture quality is great from a 35mm and it is fun to use when digital doesn't do all I want it to

By duckyl30y - Nov 17, 2005

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