Kodak Z-Christabel Bar table Stainless steel top wrapped in an aluminum edge with an aluminum column and base .

MPN: 8309288
Product Details
Camera 35mm
Quick Glance
Focus Features Manual Focus
Flash TTL Auto Flash
Film Drive Mid-Roll Rewind, Manual
General Features (Not Specified)
Product Title Kodak Z-Christabel Bar table Stainless steel top wrapped in an aluminum edge with an aluminum column and base .
Manufacturer Kodak
Lens Features
Optical Zoom: (Not Specified)
Other Features
Features: Automatic Flash, Viewfinder Presence
Height: 72 mm
Weight: 5 oz
Width: 133 mm
Depth: 44 mm
Category: Point and Shoot (35mm)
Class: Cameras
Warranty Information: (Not Specified)
URL: Manufacturer Link
Additional Specifications
Image Format: (Not Specified)
Digital Zoom: (Not Specified)
Max Focal Length: 30 mm
Language Localization: (Not Specified)
Print Format: (Not Specified)
Labor Warranty: (Not Applicable)
Total Pixels: (Not Specified)
Number of Resolution Modes: (Not Specified)
Manufacturer Sku: 8309288
Film Type: 35mm
Geographic Localization: (Not Specified)
Camera Type: Digital Compact
Metering Characteristics: (Not Specified)
X-Sync: (Not Specified)
Minimum Shutter Speed: (Not Specified)
Maximum Aperture: (Not Specified)
Manufacturer Retail Type: (Not Specified)
Manufacturer Description: KB 10
Technical Support URL: http://www.kodak.com/US/en/nav/support.shtml
Min Focus Distance: 4 ft
Memory Card Support: (Not Specified)
Description: KB 10 35mm Camera
Minimum Aperture: 8 f/
Bulb Setting: (Not Specified)
Maximum Image Capacity: (Not Specified)
Minimum Focal Length: (Not Specified)
Maximum Shutter Speed: 100 1/x Second
Exposure Settings: Manual Exposure
Interface Connection: (Not Specified)
Operating System: (Not Applicable)
White Balance: Auto
Maximum Focal Length: (Not Specified)
Case Pack Quantity: 1
Lens Mount: Fixed
Product Family: KB
Technical Support Phone Number: 800-235-6325
Installed Memory: (Not Specified)
Included Components: (Not Specified)
Image Sensor Quantity: 1
Display Indicators: (Not Specified)
Product Line Series Model: 10
Power Source: AA
Image Sensor Size: (Not Specified)
UPC: (Not Specified)
Min Aperture: 8 f/
SKU: 8309288
ISO Equivalencies: 100, 200, 400
Frames per Second: (Not Applicable)
Min Focal Length: (Not Specified)
Max Horizontal Image Resolution: (Not Specified)
Base Warranty: 1 Year (12 Months)
Minimum Focus Distance: 4 ft
Max Aperture: (Not Specified)
Vendor: KOD
LCD Screen Size: 1.37 in
Included Software: (Not Specified)
Parts Warranty: (Not Applicable)
Max Vertical Image Resolution: (Not Specified)

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