GAT Gator Cases 12" X 17" Road Case

Internal Dimensions: 17" Length x 12" Width x 7.50" Height - Stackable - Heavy Duty - External Dimensions: 20.1" Length x 15.6" Width x 11" Height - Plywood, Polyvinyl Chloride PVC, Aluminum - Black - Audio Mixer - MPN: GTOUR12X17
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Product Details
Additional Diced Foam for G-Tour 12X17
Product Title GAT Gator Cases 12" X 17" Road Case
Manufacturer GAT
Lowest Price $219.99 from
Additional Specifications
Handle: Yes
Mixer and Accessory Type: cases & covers
Internal Dimensions: 7.50" Height x 12" Width x 17" Length
Brass Accessory Type: cases / bags
Color: Red
Strength: Heavy Duty
Compartment Length: 17"
Keyboards and Pianos Accessory Type: gig bags/cases
Parent Retsku: B0009FB6DQ
Interior Material: Foam
Compartment Width: 12"
String Instrument Accessory Type: cases / bags
Compartment Height: 7.50"
Upright Bass Type: upright basses
Drum Percussion Accessories: covers / gig bags
Closure: Tongue and Groove Closure
Product Model: G-TOUR 12X17
Closure Type: Tongue and Groove Closure
Live Sound Accessory Type: cases / bags
Woodwinds Accessory Type: cases / bags / covers
Guitar Accessory Type: cases
Brand Name: Gator Cases
Recording Accessory Type: cases / gig bags
Stackable: Yes
DJ & Lighting Accessory Type: cases / covers / bags
Handle Type: Recessed

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