PhotoShare 7" Digital Photo Album Frame

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Product Title: PhotoShare 7" Digital Photo Album Frame

Power Score: 1.9 | 8 Reviews

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Stopped working

Strengths: clear picture when it worked

Weakness: stopped working

My sister gave this to me as a gift and I loved it while it was working. It stopped working about 3 months after I received it. I have tried going to the website and I have also tried numerous times to call using the number provided on the website but no one will answer or return any messages.

By Sharonk42 - Apr 10, 2009

Bayou Lady

Strengths: Haven't found any

Weakness: Resolution, speed, design

I received this as a gift and wish I could get my family member her money back. After working with the Photoshare 7 I had to search for the price on the Internet. I can't believe this sells for more than $10. How stupid is it to have the power cord port on the bottom? When I place the item in the frame it will not stay standing because of the cord. You have to hold the Photoshare to view photos....
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By anonymous; - Dec 24, 2007

Stopped working

Weakness: Stopped working

"stopped working after about 6 months"

Same here. Stopped working after exactly 6 months. I can see the image but it's not bright at all.

Oh well... it was a gift.

By anonymous; - Jul 12, 2007

Nice Program

Strengths: Pretty easy to setup . me being 75 + years.

Weakness: Weak frame -- for price think should include battery ..

We received PL-7 for a Christmas gift and frame was cracked. Emailed company and within a week had a new replacement frame !!! ************ very fast email tech support by Roger Maddron Jr.......

By ijkark - Jan 31, 2007

I returned them

Strengths: Nice Picture

Weakness: No choice of transitions

I got two of these and had trouble with both reading my SD card after a few days. I ended up returning them. I have tried a couple other models, and think the Photoshare had the nicest picture, but I was disapointed with it because I was limited to the random transition selection chosen by the manufacturer. Personally, I prefer a simple fade and couldn't choose that. Anyway, since both stopped...
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By anonymous; - Dec 28, 2006

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