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Fantastic Camera

Strengths: Great pictures, multible unique features (I love the trimming function), and problem situation adjustments.

Weakness: None. All concerns have logical solutions.

This is an interesting camera, that has a unique personality. After reading numerous reviews, and finally buying the camera (3 days), I have learned how to get the best results, using the menu, customized for each function. My comments will address four areas of concern thatwere expressed by a few reviewers. First, the video noise is eliminated when you set the focus to infinity or either of the 7m, 3m, etc., settings. Indoors, it is helpful to increase the EV to +2. This will enlighten the video subjects. Second, the concern over the viewfinder in dark or zoomed photography is compensated by the AF Illuminator, and the camera's capability to adjust. The camera mode should be set to "Program" with the focus set to "Spot AF" or "Center AF" for best results. It is extremely important to change the Flash Level from "Normal" to "Plus (+)", especiaaly in dark or low light conditions. Third, the zoom omission for video reduces sounds. I have found this exists in most cameras that allow zooming. If you need a closer scene, stop, zoom and shoot. Looking at most TV programs and movies, movie producers have reduced the zooming. Fourth, the touch menu features are very easy and convenient. The user would have to learn the menus that are unique to the modes. But after practice, it becomes second nature. Last, the LCD smudges are not noticeable while using he camera. But if you have fingernails, or use the included adapter (attach it to the wriststrap), it reduces the visible smudges. It is good to shoot a photo at the highest resolution, then trim to a lower number (8M to 5M). This camera feature and the plus flash, can change any group picture to individual portraits. It took a day or two to learn this camera's personality. I am impressed with this camera's features and overall compatibility. Like anything, you need to understand the product. This one has it all.

By AWYoung - Jan 6, 2006

Great compact camera

Strengths: 3" touchsreen LCD, 8 megapixel, no button clutter, easy onscreen navigation

Weakness: No zoom during video recording

For digital cameras in general, I find that either there are too many buttons cluttering next to the LCD, or the buttons are too confusing for me to know what they are used for.

But the Sony N1 has no such problem. Almost all options could be easily reached by 3" touchscreen navigation menu, similar to a Citibank ATM screen. It took me only a few minutes to find the most frequent used functions. The only issue is that the screen will attract fingerprint, so i need to wipe it clean once in a while.

The N1 allow video recording until memory stick pro duo is full, which is good. There is no 3 minute limit like other brands/models. The only issue is that you cannot zoom in/out while you are recording a video.

I am never a Sony fan because I always find the prices of Sony products like Memory Stick Pro Duo are always at a premium compared to other SD or CompactFlash cards. I was comparing the Sony Cybershot N1 and Canon SD550, and find that both are very good. But the N1 really impress me with its compact and elegant design, especially the 3" touchscreen LCD. And with a descent set of manual controls, preset scenery settings, album playback with music, etc., I could not complain a single thing.

By dkso_1121584234 - Feb 22, 2006

Just Plain AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Strengths: 3" LCD, Docking station (connectivity), 8.1MP, pictures are just plain GREAT! Very cool slide show features that can be used on your TV! Edditing and uploading features are great for presenting!

Weakness: None so far other than it took a little while to get the idea of how to hold the camera due to it's size. Touch screen features are easily mastered - simple!

I had the DSC-S85 so this is a huge change. The touch screen is great because it takes away all of the useless buttons and dials and gives you a huge colorfull 3" LCD! You can view slide shows of your pics and it looks just great on the LCD and even better on the PC or TV! Internal memory is cool but I have a 512 MS Duo and that is all I will ever need. You can store many pics and video. Taking pics is fully auto and easy as pie! However, for those setting freaks you can change them in a snap with the touch screen. Also, there are so many features that are cool it is too much to list. No I don't work for SONY - LOL

By bogy33 - Dec 7, 2005

Sony digital camera DSC-N1 and Cyberstation CSS-TNA

Strengths: Excellent picture Quality and Slide show with music background is AWESOME!!!

Weakness: only uses Memory Stick Pro Duo for memory card- expensive.

I have had this camera for 1 week now and it has performed flawlessly. I highly recomend the Cyberstation for ease of recharging as well as hook ups to computer and tv.
The slide show is amazing, especially on large lcd tv with no graininess or distortion. I also recommend the Memory Stick Pro Duo in the High Speed 2 GB form (only drawback is cost)

By tmthystone - Jul 14, 2006

Very Handy Camera!

Strengths: Huge LCD. Nice video recording.

Weakness: No stabilization. LCD scratchable.

Sony N1 is a very nice camera that has high resolution and nice video recording function. I actually use the video recording function more than the still camera function. You can record a video with sounds as long as you want depending on your memory card. The LCD is huge. No Buttons! All touch panel! The only shortcoming is that it does not have the stablization like Sony T9. So, if you are capturing pictures in motion or in dark, it is easy to get a fuzzy picture. Overall, very satisfied and very recommended!

By tyyying - Dec 25, 2005

Small Camera Big Screen

Strengths: Screen size, picture quality, camera size, battery, features.

Weakness: Changing some settings takes too long.

Overall, I am very pleased with this camera. It is small and light (but not the smallest or the lightest camera) with a huge screen for framing and reviewing pictures. I like the touch screen control, but I wish it had separate buttons or shortcuts to turn on and off a few frequently used features (macro for closeups, flash, etc.).

By BenderUnit22 - Jan 2, 2006

DSC-N1 Review

Strengths: Pictures are clear Battery life Compact

Weakness: Can not zoom while shooting video Viewfinder does not adjust for low-light conditions

this camera is great except for one thing. When shooting indoors in low light situations, the LCD does not adjust as a temporary gain making it difficult to take a shot since you can not see what you are shooting. This problem primarily appears when zooming in low light situations.

By nineballer26 - Dec 25, 2005

A nice camera, but not that great.

Strengths: Touch-sensitive LCD screen, sound recording, compactness, easy to get used to, etc.

Weakness: Poor resolution when larger size images are shot; battery life after a full charge is not that long; a LCD shield should be included; slight redness appears on images; noise level is a bit high, etc.

Well, I would like to give this digital camera a 7 out of 10. It has many stylish features, probably the touch screen is the biggest eye catcher. It is not a completely no button thing. This camera still has three buttons you need to push. Image quality is not exceptionally good. In particular, do not be overwhelmed by the 8Mbytes high resolution! Especially, if you choose 8Mbytes to take pictures indoors in the evening, your images will become very noisy. For images shot outdoors, image quality of Sony N1 may not have a notable difference from that of Canon SD550. The difference comes out when harsh shooting conditions are present, for instance, like what I've said, indoors and in the evenings. Because I am not much of a camera buff, so I still decide to keep this product.

If you give a very careful comparison between the images of Sony N1 and those of Canon SD550, you will find out that Sony N1's images show a bit redness. In addition, I think the touch screen needs a shield for protection.

By the way, it is true: this camera shoots video footage with a bit strong background noise, even if your room is 99% quiet and you are not talking at all. But, anyway, it is fine because I am not buying this camera for shooting videos.

Good luck. Wish you liked yours.

By Digital_Love - Dec 27, 2005

you paid what you get

Strengths: Huge LCD, touch screen, special slide show with difference music. You can add stamps to your pictures....

Weakness: noise when play back video, can't zoom when capture video.

I just got it for 5 days, satisfy with almost everything except the noise when play back the video. I still don't know it is defective or is the way it came with. That noise is just a mechanical film running sound, it bother me a lot. Can any one tell me if their camera has this strange sound ?

By Eluk - Dec 18, 2005


Strengths: picture quality, camera is not too big&not too small, LCD screen is HUGE!

Weakness: internal memory, battery

I looked up this camera on about 2 months before its actual release date. I fell IN LOVE with the camera and knew without a doubt this was the camera I was going to get! Definitely worth the price!

By genxox07 - Nov 25, 2005

Bad PQ

Strengths: Touch screen

Weakness: Low light issues resulting in inconsistant pictures

Very excited about this camera. Great features and takes awesome outdoor pictures. However this camera also has a few problems that I could not overlook. The screen would go black in low light or on zoomed objects. Playing with the settings helps a little, but still not great. Also in low lighting the flash and pq was problematic. I missed many bday shots. Camera was returned after 20 days.

By johnnie23 - Feb 15, 2006

nice camera but buy a picture...

Strengths: touch screen, carl zeiss lens, good picture quality, compact,

Weakness: software supplied with camera is not compactible with newer computer cd burners not made by sony, picture taken in poor lighted areas is a mess

nice camera but buy a picture aditing software to pickup the slack, not worth the price,especially the software. The controls are all over the place, that is not well organized. If you are technically challenged you might not get good pictures from this camera.

By obie77 - May 15, 2006

Don't buy this camera

Strengths: It has several but lack of viewfinder makes it a worthless camera.

Weakness: No viewfinder.

Read many reviews and no one felt the lack of viewfinder was a problem. Try standing in a semi dark area and attempt to center what you are trying to take. Try standing in the sunlight and you will see your reflexion on the screen instead of what you are shooting. I can't believe there aren't people writing about this. I immediately purchased the W100 which I am satisfied with but am stuck with this N1 that I have shot probably 50 photos with and how do I try to convince someone to buy it from me when I don't have much good to say about it. First time Sony really failed me on the many cameras I have bought from them.

By anonymous; - Nov 25, 2006

DCRP Review: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-N1

Although it's a bit thicker than other ultra-compact cameras, the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-N1 takes advantage of that extra room by packing an ultra large LCD display, more powerful flash, and superb battery life into its metal body. Throw in limited manual controls, a nice movie mode, and great picture quality and the DSC-N1 is easy to recommend.
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By DCResource - Dec 30, 2005