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Good camera

Strengths: Price,ease of use

Weakness: Uses batteries fairly quickly

Purchased this camera for my wife who has grown to despise the other digital camera we have from a different manufacturer. This camera has great features and takes very nice picture for the price. Also, it is very easy to use, lightweight and compact enough for my wife to handle. I would certainly recommend this product to someone looking to pick up a good quality, inexpensive digital camera!

By gretelbelle - Jan 31, 2008

Samsung S85 (Black)

Strengths: 8.2 MP & 5x Zoom

Weakness: LCD Screen

Overall, I love this camera. I had to purchase a new one as my original was damaged during combact operations in Afghanistan. The LCD Screen is very fragile. Mine was in a camera case, in another case on my kit and it was struck, still breaking the screen. It is not worth the cost to replace the screen, replacing the whole camera is cheaper, which is sad. The zoom is awesome and the pictures it takes are great, even at a distance. This is the second Samsung model camera my family has owned and we love it.

By Kammerer - Mar 2, 2008

Overall, Great Camera!

Strengths: Absolutely stunning photographs each time, great user interface

Weakness: Battery life is less than average

I got this camera in part because my old one broke, but also because I was taking a school trip across the country, and wanted a camera with excellent resolution. This camera is brilliant in that sense, and I love the fact that the video is high-resolution, too. I take a lot of videos and photographs, and this camera is perfect for that. Another thing that I love is that, although it doesn't look like it, the camera is actually fairly small and lightweight enough to be carried around in your pocket. The only drawback is battery life. Two AA batteries are needed, and they are needed quite often. I would recommend rechargeable batteries for this camera, as, especially for sightseeing, you need to replace them a lot. This did surprise me at first, but, with the kind of pictures this camera takes, I'm almost surprised it doesn't run out sooner. Great camera- I highly recommend it.

By pinkpopciclex3 - Apr 12, 2008

Samsung S85 8.1MP Digital Camera

Strengths: Compact, Price, Loads of features

Weakness: Flash Performance, Sucks Battery especially with Flash

I bought this camera after hearing that Samsung is an upcoming brand in Digital Cameras. I took a chance thinking Samsung generally is a good brand. So far it has been very okay. The battery that comes with camera has very low life. After 20 pictures with flash it died. Another thing that I experienced was, when the battery power is low and you switch the camera on, the lens gets stuck half way. Even after changing batteries the first few are pictures okay with flash and after that the lens get stuck when flash is used. The position of the flash bulb is at the edge. Make sure that your finger does not cover that. I felt that was a bad design. It would be better if it would have been in the center. When Flash is not used this camera is as good as any other. But inside shots always needs flash.

The pictures looks great so far. Loads of features. The face recognition feature is good. Have not figured out the advanced shake reduction yet. The video quality in low light was not great.

My criteria was price, quality of pictures, black color and fast flash recycle. Generally the compact cameras suffer in the flash recycle feature. I checked the cameras out in Circuit City and Samsung S85 was pretty good. It takes 3 to 5 seconds depending on the power of the flash used. Not great. Not bad. The software that comes with it is not good. Canon has one of the best software.

Overall the camera is okay for the price. I would definitely go for Canon or Sony

By sarathyr - Dec 8, 2007



Weakness: NONE


By anonymous; - Jun 11, 2008

Well-made camera with good qualities!

Strengths: Size, contrast and resolution of the pictures, and of course, the price!!

Weakness: Uses batteries up pretty quick

I enjoy taking pictures because a picture is worth a 1,000 words. I've never used Samsung before so when I got this camera, I was very impressed with the pictures and how they turned out. You definately get more for your money when you purchase this camera. I love the features the camera has and the size makes it very convenient to take it anywhere you go. Of course the battery life does not last as long as you whould like it too, but I got myself rechargable batteries so I can switch out as I go. Maybe Samsung can include a rechargable battery and adapter so you can recharge your battery while it's in the camera so you don't have to change them so often. Other than the battery life, it's a SUPER camera and I'm a happy customer. Thanks Samsung!!!

By anonymous; - Jun 10, 2008

Samsung S85 Black

Strengths: Size, Price, Features

Weakness: None so far

Reliability is a big concern for me. I chose Samsung since my other two cameras (11 and 6 years old now) still work like brand new. In addtion I wanted a camera that takes regular batteries (AA); didn't want to bother with recharging a dead battery while on the road.

I love the video feature. I have taken just a few vids of the family and kids and they look great.

I don't think you'll be able to find a camera with so many features (still learning about them) for the same price.

I went with black, since the silver ones looked like a toy to me.

I'm not a pro, just wanted a camera to take pics of the family and kids and so far this one is doing a great job.

By anonymous; - Jan 20, 2008

samsung s85 (black)

Samsung S85 (black) receives an overall TopTenREVIEWS score of 2.56 out of 4.00. It is ranked the #332 Compact digital camera of all time. The overall rating represents an intelligent balance of features, value as a function of price to features, and a summary of reviews from a variety of sources. The TopTen REVIEWS' formula gives a picture of important consumer features, market value, and a...
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By - Jul 16, 2008

Samsung Digimax S850 has collected 6 expert reviews for Samsung Digimax S850 and the average expert rating is 77 of 100. The average score reflects the expert community’s view on this product. Click below and use to see all ratings, product awards and conclusions.
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By - Feb 9, 2009

ReviewGist for Samsung S85 Digital Camera

Image is Average according to 7 Digital Camera experts. -- "the cameras optics and lush color rendition create excellent images both outdoors and in bright lighting" -- "the S85s pictures are sharp, clear and crisp." -- "Close-up shots were rather hit and miss, although when they worked, they looked impressively...
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By - Dec 28, 2009