Nikon D800E Black SLR Digital Camera Body Only

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The D800E is a special edition of the D800, specifically designed for those seeking absolute definition. Modified to deliver unprecedented sharpness, its 36.3 megapixel FX-format sensor features an optical low pass filter with anti-aliasing properties removed.The ideal tool for photographers who demand attention to detail.


Product Title: Nikon D800E Black SLR Digital Camera Body Only

Manufacturer: Nikon

Lowest Price: $2,199.00 from Cameta Camera

Power Score: 4.7 | 24 Reviews

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Amazing for the Studio Photographer

This camera has a relatively slow FPS but unless you're trying to shoot sports, it doesn't matter. The D4 gives you a big boost in FPS but falls short in my book for megapixels. So for me, this is the BEST offering Nikon currently has.

By Nathan on Adorama - Oct 15, 2013

Full rich sharp detailed images!

I have only had this Nikon D 800E camera body for 2 weeks. I was going to wait awhile longer to write an evaluation. Today however, I really tested the resolution by photographing flowering plants with my 105mm F2.8 Micro Nikkor AI lens. I had chosen the E model as I had heard it was sharper than the D 800. In my 30+ years as a pro I have used every flim format from 8x10 sheet film to 35mm. This...
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By PhotoJa on Adorama - May 22, 2013

Great Camera

My only complaint with Nikon is: It has been over a year, and I expected that by now they would have fixed the green tint issue. Well, they haven't, and while as a photographer I am beginning to get used to it - there are a number of times when we have to show the pictures being clicked to the client and a green tint does not help to inspire their confidence in you or your equipment. Yes, I...
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By Sunny on Adorama - May 20, 2013

Sometimes you get more than you expected

I had high expectations for this cameras performance and to my surprise .... it was better than expected

By Greg on Adorama - May 7, 2013


Our first run with the D800E was an indoor wedding, and I cant count the shots that I was able to go without flash, out of 900 photos and 5 hrs I only used the SB910 flash about 50 times and all that was outdoor shots using it for flash fill. The photogra

By JonCraig on Adorama - Apr 5, 2013

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