Nikon Coolpix L1 6.2 Megapixel Compact Camera


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6.2 Effective Megapixels for stunning prints up to 16 x 20 inches. High Quality 5x Optical Zoom-Nikkor 38-190mm Glass Lens (35mm equivalent) lets you zoom in on all the action to capture spectacular images. Incredible, Bright 2.5 inch LCD makes composing pictures and sharing them with your friends and family much easier

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Memory Card Support: Secure Digital (SD) Card

LCD Screen Size: 2.5 in

Effective Megapixels: 6.2 Megapixel

Camera Type: Compact Camera

Lens Mount: Fixed

normalized-Weight: 6.30

normalized-Optical Zoom: 5


Product Title: Nikon Coolpix L1 6.2 Megapixel Compact Camera

Manufacturer: Nikon

Lowest Price: $295.00 from Marketplace

Power Score: 3.5 | 19 Reviews

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CoolPix L1 - really a cool alternative !!

Strengths: Small size , good resolution , brilliant colours !

Weakness: None so far .

I have had used this camera for well over 60 days . Amd so far , from whatever features i have explored (there are still so many more) , i can say that it is extremely easy for an amature like me to use , but at the same time the results i have got are like a pro ! At times its plastic body feels a little cheap , but so far it has not given me any trouble . The 5X Optical zoom is pretty useful...
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By prohatgi_1112767098 - Oct 31, 2006

I should have done more research b4 buying it.

This camera is great for outdoors but indoors?? hmmm.... i always prefer the slow sync flash because of the soft images it takes but its a struggle to get sharp pics. most pics are blurred out or have ghost like patterns caused by camera shake. on the other hand, pics taken with full flash appear 'hard' with too much contrast and 'shiny faces'. secondly, manual controls on this cam is minimum,...
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By faketrix - Oct 23, 2006

Not bad- should be better though.

Strengths: The camera is very lightweight and easy to use. The resolution is superb. The price makes this a steal under normal circumstances.

Weakness: The camera sucks down batteries like there is no tomorrow. I used it this past weekend and went through 4sets of batteries for 175 pictures, many without a flash. The camera lags a lot after shooting.

I picked this camera up because of the fact that it was a steal at the price listed. However I've soon learned that I should have done some homework and spent a little more on something else instead. The camera has a lot of nice features which are easy to use but basically useless for many of us. It will suck down power like no tomorrow whether you use the flash or not. So be sure to have a few...
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By MrBean; - Oct 18, 2006

Nikon is not responsible or liable for any omissions, errors or inaccuracies in any data...

Weakness: Poor low-light focusing due to lack of a claimed feature

The brochure for the Nikon L1 claims that the camera has an "AF with AF-assist illuminator", which was an important part of my selection due to problems with a previous camera in low-light situations. When a set of pictures taken at a dinner party came out very poorly, I emailed Nikon technical support, who replied "The Coolpix L1 does not have an AF-Assist illuminator". A subsequent query to...
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By pg4bh - Sep 4, 2006

good camera - value for money

Strengths: Big LCD, Composite mode (for moving pictures), looks great, 5X zoom and 6.1 MP. D-lighthing option

Weakness: No viewfinder (i dont think its big deal), bulky, poor image stabilization

This is a good camera for this price. The pictures are good and even the camera looks damn good. Good grip, nice and bright LCD, easy to navigate.. D-lighting option comes to help for pictures taken with flash. When pictures are taken with flash, the objects looks brighter but the background goes dull. But D-lighting options rectifies the problem to some extend. The main problem I had with this...
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By Gkm - Aug 28, 2006

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