Konica Minolta Minolta DiMAGE 7Hi 5 Megapixel Bridge Camera - Black

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When quality and control matter, the DiMAGE 7Hi is the camera of choice. With five-million pixel resolution and a 7X zoom lens, the DiMAGE 7Hi is a digital imaging center that can control all the essential elements for high-quality photography: sharpness, exposure, contrast, color, and saturation. 12-bit A/D conversion and Minolta's image-processing technology, CxProcess, guarantee what you see will be captured. And image quality choices have been refined with the inclusion of the Extra Fine mode, which performs only minimal compression. Other new features you will love: built-in flash synch terminal, expanded shutter range, enhanced burst modes, and luxurious black exterior finish.

Quick Glance

Memory Card Support: CompactFlash (CF) Card

LCD Screen Size: 1.8 in

Camera Type: Bridge Camera

Effective Megapixels: 5 Megapixel

Lens Mount: Fixed

normalized-Weight: 18.56


Product Title: Konica Minolta Minolta DiMAGE 7Hi 5 Megapixel Bridge Camera - Black

Manufacturer: Konica Minolta

Power Score: 4.3 | 9 Reviews

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I'm a Minolta fanatic, having...

Strengths: Use of standard AA batteries (no mfgr-specials) Extremely wide magnification range, from 28mm wide angle to 210mm tele. Very small shutter lag. Histogram lets you determine correct lighting.

Weakness: Autofocus isn't. Filter ring is so small you'll get vignetting if you use any filters with wide angle magnifications [get a step up ring and 62mm or larger filters to prevent this]. Noise at high IS

I'm a Minolta fanatic, having owned both SRT and Maxxums -- I bought this camera to replace a Sony F505V (2.0Megapixel) that went belly up after over 10,000 pictures. I take thousands of pictures of marching bands every year -- they generally don't move very fast, but you want to catch everyone in a good position. This camera had great promise, but it never made it due to the autofocus problem....
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By unclesmrgol - Jan 11, 2005

I've owned several digital...

Strengths: Very good to excellent pictures, tons of customization, fast focusing, nice internal buffer size, available at good prices- since it's discontinued.

Weakness: Moderate image noise in lower-light situations or in contrasty scenes.

I've owned several digital cameras, including the nearly legendary Coolpix 995. The 7hi is a very good camera that's available at an excellent price. The enormous amount of customization in features and shooting modes makes this camera more of a pro-sumer grade model, as some of the options may be too complex and confusing for those just looking for a point-and-shoot camera. The lens is fantastic...
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By PAC77 - Mar 30, 2004

we had a horrific experience with...

Strengths: good image

Weakness: very bad company support.

we had a horrific experience with the company when we sent defective camera back for repair. we finally are having camera sent back to us so we can have the problem remedied at our expense. caveat emptor !!

By demellos - Feb 19, 2004

battery sucker. what's worse is...

Weakness: short battery tim; poor pic quality; manual zoom

battery sucker. what's worse is the color/pixel. it is very blotchy and grainy. the CCD is the worst as I ever see. pic quality is worse than 3 MP Nikon Coolpix. Don't buy it !!!

By junjunwu - Dec 21, 2003

I had this camera for a few days...

Strengths: Speed, powerful built in flash and features laden for a camera you can grow with(price gone south since A1 took over which is a good thing for discriminating consumer on a budget)

Weakness: 7x Zoom photos tend to be blurry since it's prone to hand shakes. You need a very steady hand or tripod to get a sharp photo. Steep learning curve and not recommended for digital camera novices.

I had this camera for a few days and loves it. The quality is absolutely amazing and the features that come with this camera blows me away. Photo is crisp sharp, excellent contrast and color vibrant-all with controlable settings. Once you burn through the manuals you will love the various options available. This is one camera you can grow with. I didn't have any problem with the battery life...
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By ptsong - Dec 16, 2003

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