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Hey, lots of reviewers have said...

Strengths: Ditto all the great things everyone else has said

Weakness: Finding the perfect case to protect this gem

Hey, lots of reviewers have said this thing doesn't do well in low light. WRONG WRONG WRONG! Just set the dial to SP. thumb-wheel to night photos, and mount on a tripod, and this thing will SHOCK you with GREAT photos in almost pitch-black darkness. Set the dial to M for Manual and you can lengthen the exposure time to 15 SECONDS and turn pale moonlight into broad daylight. Try it, you'll LOVE it!

By doctordawg - Nov 5, 2003

I've had this s602 for a while...

Strengths: 6x Zoom, Range of control (point and shoot to full manual), burst mode, low shutter lag, Movie Mode, packaged software

Weakness: Low light focusing and movies require a ton of light, size.

I've had this s602 for a while now, we had very specific requirements for this purchase:
- 6x or greater optical zoom
- Low Shutter Lag
- Easy of use AND full manual
- post view after each shot

The s602 met all of those requirements and more. My wife uses it in automatic mode, and it does an excellent job of point and shoot; Capturing crisp clear pictures. I use Program mode most of the time because you have all the features of Automatic with the ability to change anything you would like.

We have three kids who all do sports, so we had to have the burst ability. The burts abilities of the s602 are great, my favorite is "last 5 seconds" capture where you hold down capture button until the event you are looking for happens (IE - baseball hit) then let go, then the 5 frames from the last second are stored.

The 6x Zoom is great and the software in the camera adds one very nice feature, it stops you from going into 'digital zoom' unless you let go of the zoom button and press it again. This is very nice by giving you the ability to do digtal zoom but you HAVE to make the choice to go into it.

Low shutter lag, In autofocus you push the shutter button down half way to focus, then there is no shutter lag. In manual focus there is no shutter lag. IF you don't push it half way down first in AF then there is about a half second lag.

Post View - You have to turn it on, but it is a key to a dgital camera for us. Wouldn't buy one without it.

By joesespn - Apr 20, 2003

This camera has tons of features....

Strengths: Tons of features: excellent white balance settings, macro, super-macro, 1/10,000 sec shutter speed in manual mode.

Weakness: Some of the warning icons on the display aren't easily understandable without reconsulting the manual. Auto-mode doesn't always pick the best settings. Learn about manual and programmed modes.

This camera has tons of features. I've had a blast teaching myself about functions like the white balance, macro, and even super-macro. Two things unseen in most other cameras in this price range: minimum focal distance of only 1 centimeter, and a shutter speed of 1/10,000 sec in full manual mode. I haven't had a chance to use that yet, but I'm waiting for the hummingbirds to return to my yard now! Picture quality has been fantastic, colors have been incredibly vivid. White balance adjusting is very important for quality pics, use it. Great balance of point-and-shoot features and more advanced prosumer features. Worth the price.

By Anonymous - Jul 11, 2003

I have this camera for almost 1...

Strengths: 6x zoom, ease of use, excellent picture quality

Weakness: just 16 mb smart media card

I have this camera for almost 1 year, since then have used it for almost every occasion both indoors, outdoors, close ups, portraits etc. the most amazing feature is it captures first or last 5 frames which is a gift for shooting moving objects or sports events. I use this feature to capture precious moments of my 3 yr old son and 5 yr old daughter.

If you read its manual and follow the instructions properly you are an advance amateur.

Another good feature is the picture info button which gives the info about balance, exposure and other details.

I use rechargable batteries, with full charge the battries last long long time.

By techsaavy - Jun 26, 2004

Love this camera. Have gotten...

Strengths: Auto and Manual settings. Lots of features for the price. Fantastic pictures.

Weakness: Takes a lot of reading to learn all the functions, wish it was a little more user-friendly. But once you learn, it's great.

Love this camera. Have gotten great pictures in all modes and settings.

For those looking for the perfect case -- we found it!!
TLZ Mini by Lowepro. Not too big. Camera fits perfectly, even with lens adapter installed. Pockets for extra memory cards, filters.

By dsb - Jul 25, 2004

I bought this camera after...

Strengths: Versatility, ease of use, price, picture quality, display speed, multiple shot display, LCD or normal viewfinder, precise instructions, macro & double macro modes (closeups), easy hand held size.

Weakness: Small shutter lag if indoors when trying to shoot multiple shots within a few seconds of each other. Recharge cycle of indoor flash a bit slow.

I bought this camera after extensive research, and ended up comparing the Nikon 5700 and the Finepix S602. For the vast majority of my shots, the Finepix not only met every requirement, but far exceeded my expectations in capacity, color quality, speed, versatility, build quality, and overall usability. For the money and my needs, the S602 was the best selection. I also purchased a 1GB Microdrive; you can't beat the ability to record 800 1MP shots when you're out and about (8000 shots at lower resolution settings!). After 5 months, I've yet to explore all of it's capabilities, but it has been trouble-free and provided outstanding photos. I kept my last SLR for over 15 years...I fully expect the Finepix to provide equal service and quality.

By Logos777 - Apr 18, 2003

Love the camera within it's...

Strengths: Macro function

Weakness: Time Lag

Love the camera within it's limits. Macro is the function I use the most and find to be really great for detail on flowers and nature shots. I use my 35mm for action photgraphy. I purchased a Canon i950 photo printer and the quality of photo prints teamed up with the Fuji camera is as good as I have ever seen.

By Benblayke - Aug 19, 2003

a great camera, i wish that i felt...

Strengths: after a year of owning its still a great camera compared to others out there. its easy to use and does every thing that i bought it for.

Weakness: none when you compare it to other $500 cameras

a great camera, i wish that i felt that way about all my electronics after a year. it got better after i bought a real memory card and some nimh batterys. i wish that i would have spent some more money on the compact flash media and got a faster writing card. (like 24X) the camera has to stop recording in movie mode to save after a while of recording. its my fault though, i shouldnt have gotten a budget memory card. the 3.24 megapixel ccd is more than ample for the majority of normal photographers. how often do people print out 8x10 photos? in closing i really love the 6x zoom, and id love more. i dont know how i ever lived with out it. i just wish that i could zoom in movie mode. once you start recording you cant change it, but find a camera that compares to everything else this one does and youll be paying alot more!

By peon - Aug 11, 2003

if you have anything bad to say...

Strengths: easy to use,the ability to go manual ap or sp,to utilize iso ratings if your use to film,1 gig hard drive,multiple exposure capibilities,batteries supplied with 1 gig hd are great 1950 mah.

Weakness: the camera case is a little lame other that that pitch the case and buy this camera the s602 is fantastic!!!!!!! make sure you get the 1 gig hard drive without it the camera is really just great.

if you have anything bad to say about this product your just complaining because you have nothing better to do . or you work for the competition. easy to use and allows anyone to develop there photographic skills by utilizing so many modes and being able to hold so many exposures on the 1 gig hard drive,bracketing exposures is a breeze.ive been into 35mm and 2 1/4" sq format for years,own other digitals, and are just so/so. this one is fantastic!!!!!!!! best buy , best controls , nice mode selection,the s602 fuji finepix is a winner . the day of the just so photographer might be over read this camera's manual shoot alot of pictures and bingo you might be the next digital ansel adams.

By keithv - Dec 1, 2002

I was looking for a camera with...

Strengths: You will Feel Like a Professional

Weakness: Needs some getting used to

I was looking for a camera with which i can get some nice family pics (hated going to photo shops and spending upward of sixty dollar for few pics).

After two generic digital camera. Decided to buy a "expensive" camera. Found Fuji on a web site. Did some research and read nothing but great reviews for the most part.

After the delivery of camera, I was not impressed. Few days later family went out to Central Park NY city . I decided to take some pictures with young kids. What an experience, it is not easy to take pictures with young kids. JUST A FEELING PLEASE ------->" i was a little disappointed as I thought pictures might not turn out to my liking".

Guess what 8"x10" on KODAK Paper came out so NICE. PEOPLE THOUGHT that a PROFESSIONAL has taken the pictures. For once, I got RAVE review for a job;)

HENCE, if you are just looking for a family camera, I WILL suggest this over any other.

It is features loaded. I am still learning. It is not that bad in battery consumption as some reviews might lead on to. I took about 50 pictures with one set of batteries and have yet to change it.

By smile116610 - Aug 5, 2004

This is the best camera you can...

Strengths: High resolution in pictures. It beat five megapixes cameras. Zooming power is amazing. Easy to use. The automatic function is super. Nothing to do, just aim, frame and shoot.

Weakness: Built in flash is not enough for group pictures in total darkness.

This is the best camera you can get for that money. You don't need to be a professional photographer. The automatic features is all you need.

By irisyvan - Aug 15, 2003

I am extremely impressed with this...

Strengths: Outstanding features that are easy to learn and use. This camera functions great as a point-and-shoot or as a more sophisticated model with its manual features. Excellent movie quality & macro modes.

Weakness: None when compared to other cameras in the same price range. Zoom capability in the movie mode would be nice, but it is not intended to be a full-feature movie camera.

I am extremely impressed with this camera and after 6 months of use I have no second thoughts. This is my second digital camera and I do not anticipate ever needing another. The manual features are easy to use and can be learned "on the fly." It is not necessary to study the instructions in depth before using the manual features . . . you can pick-and-choose features and learn along the way. Excellent camera!

By ChrisLusk - Aug 13, 2003

This is a great family camera. -...

Strengths: Great point-and-shoot camera; Unbeatable price for a 3.1MP with 6x zooom (+4.4x digital);easy for a beginner to use and grow into an advanced photographer; 30frames/sec movie mode!!

Weakness: Definitely have to buy the 1Gb Microdrive to really use it's movie mode ~$300; noticable issues with very low light; 5v power supply adapter not included; Picture software very basic

This is a great family camera.
- 3mp (who really needs to print pictures larger than 8x10?)
- 6x optical zoom
- high quality photos (beats or ties the best 3mp cameras and is comparable to 4 and 5 mp cameras when set to 6mp mode; only Nikon cameras take better pictures but you pay more for it)
- unlimited movie mode at 30frames/sec (can you say digital camcorder), depending on the space on the media
- the best thing is its great continuous shooting modes (for trying to capture kids when playing soccer or gymnastics).

For what this camera offers, the price is unbeatable - ~$520 on - when other cameras with comparable features are asking for $150-300 more. Don't let the professional camera reviewer throw you off this camera because it is a great deal.

This is my second camera; my first was Kodak's DX3900, which was nice 3mp camera that no competitor can beat on price and quality - although at times it over exaggerated color, images were not as smooth when taking advanced shots, but great for family photos. With that experience, I found that I needed a 3mp camera with a great optical zoom (> 3x) and high-quality pictures while delivering a great price (since I have 3 kids). The S602 meets all of these needs.

By lutzdw - Dec 6, 2002

Great camera, especially for the...

Strengths: Works well in auto modes, for people such as my wife, plus has all the options for me. External flash is a big plus.

Weakness: Some distant shots show too much noise reduction in people's faces.

Great camera, especially for the price.
Although only a true 3.1 MP this camera produces pictures that rival 4 and 5 MP cameras.
It has the ability to capture first 5 or final 5 of a rapid sequence of shots. This is great for sports and other activities where it is difficult to time your picture.
Dual media support is also a bonus - accepts Compact Flash and Smart Media.

By DNieuwsma - Aug 28, 2002

I think most potential buyers get...

Strengths: Great pictures. Nice features. Easy to use.

Weakness: battery life using flash

I think most potential buyers get caught up with camera extras and forget the main reason to buy a camera is for picture quality. The Fuji S602 takes incredible pictures and has lots of extras. My son takes loads of pictures for our soccer team and we get countless families raving about the quality of the developed images. They can't believe the pictures are from a digital camera. They are consistently rich and never washed out. The extra features are easy to find and use and the convenience of a Compact Flash makes downloading directly onto a computer easy using a media reader. I haven't developed pictures from the 6 mp tiff mode but the pictures are even more impressive on my computer than the already super quality of the 3 mp fine jpeg images. I have two sets of rechargeable batteries so battery life really isn't an issue. I imagine most batteries have trouble holding up under heavy flash use. This is a great camera.

By nightbks - Jun 25, 2005

This is realy nice digital camera...

Strengths: macro modes, 6MP mode, manual exposier mode

Weakness: AF in dark places and no soom in move mode

This is realy nice digital camera I have got it one year back and it was the best sale at that time and now it still the best speacialy if I compare it with my frind camera "sony 717".
I wich if it has a PC capture mode like canon G3 or G5

By imnnet - Nov 9, 2003

This is my third digital camera....

Strengths: easy to use, light weight, good quality pictures

Weakness: Can not fine the case that fit perfect.

This is my third digital camera. This one takes very good quality pictures. Does not eat up battery as fast as others. Dual memory slots make great choice, you can even have cards in both slots at the same time and choose which one to record on first.

By rosamontri - Jul 29, 2003

I researched digital cameras for 2...

Strengths: Ease of use and quality of photos.

Weakness: I haven't found any yet.

I researched digital cameras for 2 years before I bought this Fuji FinePix S602Z. I wanted a camera with a good zoom and fast shutter for action shots. I also wanted a camera that I could hold comfortably and that wouldn't break the bank. The Fuji has it all. I bought a 256 MB Compact Flash and I never use it up. The quality of photos that I print up on my HP Office Jet is excellent. I get beautiful 8x10 prints with this 3.1MP camera. I highly recommend this camera. I absolutely love it!

By maryann4 - Mar 16, 2003

This camera rocks! After fighting...

Strengths: Overall design, ease of use, size, zoom, movie mode, advanced features.

Weakness: It was not free. Would be great if this had a metal body similar to the Olympus 5050 and the Nikon 5000/5700. IT is still solid...

This camera rocks! After fighting with a Nikon 5000 for a week, I took the thing back, (return policy at Costco is amazing! Go buy the camera you want and use it for a week. If you don't like it, take it back for a full refund!), and ordered my #2 choice, the Fuji. Very simple settings, yet it gives you the ability to use some advanced features similar to my 35 mm slr's. Great size and feel. The Nikon 5000 was WAY too small for my size hands. Shot to Shot time is fast. Shutter lag...what shutter lag? Good price and fast shipping time from You know as well as I that next week there will be a better camera on the market. Today, for the work I do, this baby fits the bill. Buy it.

By Clem_Jones - Mar 6, 2003

This is my 3rd digital, and by far...

Strengths: Easy to learn. Take pics in less than 5 minute after unpacking. Picture quality is great.

Weakness: No zoom when in movie mode. The 16 mb card is a joke.

This is my 3rd digital, and by far the best. This is all the camera you need. Spending 100's of dollars more would NOT get you much better results. I love the look and feel of this camera.

By neil59 - Feb 20, 2003

This is my second digital and the...

Strengths: easy to use,multiple memory choices, movie mode 30FPS full screen with sound,two choices to view your shots

Weakness: can not zoom while in movie mode

This is my second digital and the results are very true to life pictures. It was very easy to learn the ins and outs, but that may have been from using a digital for year and 1/2. I really love the 3 choices of media that can be used. But the selling point was the full screen 30 FPS video that can be shot with the flip of a dial. It is really advantageous if you have children or grandchildren to be able to capture those special moments at VGA resolution. Then simply burn to CD and pop in a DVD player and see it full screen on any TV looking like it was shot with a digital movie camera. It also has two choices for viewing your shots. LCD or a viewing window like a 35MM,while in bright light outdoors. I would recomend this for any one.

By bballismylife - Feb 15, 2003

Great camera in design and feel....

Strengths: Easy to use even for a self starter - SP and Auto mode great for beginners with extra features for the professional. Nice low light pictures with good zoom and marco feature.

Weakness: For a few people it will take adjusting to not have focusing errors.

Great camera in design and feel. Quick changes to control setting are very nice. Displaying images and quick find options also a plus. Priced right and gives you lots of features to become a more proficient photographer. I am sure after a week I'd rate this with 5 stars - but for those of you who wonder what it's like the first or second's highly recommended and a great buy.

By ibmelvin - Jan 30, 2003

Good camera over all, it's worth...

Strengths: The Digital & SLR features gave me more control when taking pictures particularily Manual mode (M mode). I like it so far

Weakness: The battery runs out fast, I had to use the battery charger all the time.

Good camera over all, it's worth it. I have all features I need for taking pictures. I recommend it. When you buy this camera you should buy the battery recharger or AC adapter. I like it.

By HUYNH01 - Dec 29, 2002

Excellent 30fps movies - Awesome...

Strengths: Full features - Lets you control everything

Weakness: Slight blur with full 1 mp digital zoom images - fixable with programable settings. 16Meg Smart media is a Joke

Excellent 30fps movies - Awesome macro capability - Great for fast action shots - Shares features with really expensive 5 MP cameras - Great as point and shoot - even better in full manual mode.

Add external flash and 1gig micro drive and well still be less expensive then 5mp competitor

By mb34928 - Dec 21, 2002

I currently use a couple of high...

Strengths: - Larger digital view screen on back - Tons of "SLR" like features which rival my true SLR cameras - Good quality sound/video recording - Excellent Image Quality

Weakness: - Not great in extreme low light - Battery consumption a little high

I currently use a couple of high end semi-pro SLR cameras, but have now replaced all the print / high ISO shots with the FUJI and the SLR's will now do only slide and low ISO shots.

The price just dropped on this as I bought it so I feel the price/performance ratio is very good.

I have had the opportunity to use a Nikon D100 (awesome as well), but for what I use the camera for, the S602 is absolutely perfect.

By kevgre - Dec 20, 2002

I'll need to get a microdrive for...

Strengths: Gobs of features, ease of use, light, plenty of optical zoom.

Weakness: Due to its shape, it carries more like a 35mm camera than my previous digital camera which was a pocket model, but had only half the zoom, which wasn't enough at times. Oh, I hate trade-offs!

I'll need to get a microdrive for this baby if I ever want to use it to its fullest. I've only used it as a still camera so far, but Love its performance! I can zoom in on the images I take 3 times with my software, and there's still no noticeable digital distortion visible, and that's in normal resolution mode. (1240x960)

The only thing that separates a digital like this from a professional camera is its non-removeable lens. However, it is a f/2.8 which covers a range equivalent to 38 mm to 210 mm in the 35 mm world. In macro mode, it can focus down to 1 cm. Not bad! I like it a lot, I really do. My pics are always nice and clear. The software does the rest!

By bill14210 - Dec 5, 2002

For the price, this is a great...

Strengths: Uses both Smartmedia and Type II CF memory. Versatile. Great color.

Weakness: Not the best in low light. Recommend keeping the moving lens assembly covered with an adapter and UV filter when in use.

For the price, this is a great digital stand-in for an SLR. Allows you to go fully auto or take full or partial control. The 6 times wide-angle to zoom works well. A "keeper."

By swartman - Oct 28, 2002

I waited to get into digital...

Strengths: Can't take a bad picture with this camera; Good battery life; Comprehensive controls in manual mode; Great image quality; Fast response time; Very easy to learn & use.

Weakness: No battery level indicator & no advance dead battery warning. Default settings produce a slightly over saturated image and the sharpening results in images that look a tad artifical IMO.

I waited to get into digital photography until an affordable camera that would produce publication-quality images in 8.5 x 11 format was available. This beautiful camera is the ticket. At first I stuck to maximum res tiff images, but they eat up about 14 mb of media, so I switched to the hi-res .jgp. I don't think there's much--if any--noticable image quality loss in the conversion process.
Anyway, sold all my 35mm equipment on Ebay and I'll never go back.

By oldforge1 - Oct 11, 2002

Great skin color. Excellent color...

Strengths: A great digital camera for the price. This camera includes a lot of very desirable features including very high ISO numbers (1600)

Weakness: At 800 and 1600 ISO settings the resolution is only 1 megapixel.

Great skin color. Excellent color saturation. No, it do NOT have the features of the Fuji S2, but then it is 1/3 of the price of the Fuji S2, and that is where the Fuji S602 finds it's real value. The digital picture quality will beat any other 3mp image and rival 4 and 5 mp images. It also has a Macro and Super Macro modes focusing as close as 1.2 inches from the subject.

By speaklightly - Oct 1, 2002

This is a two day test. So far so...

Strengths: Great shot to shot times. Managed to take photos withing 2min of opening box. A good bundle as well.

Weakness: blurred shots pointing into the sunny side ( expected ) - rather blury than I like, but still to play with the controls....

This is a two day test. So far so good, will report back later. Took it down to the raiwlay and took
180 photos, most came out okay.

Seems to get inside shots well, as long as there is not rapid movement.
Expect a final rating next time I post.

I'm more than pleased with the camera so far.

By dthead - Sep 16, 2002

I couldnot see me going any other...

Strengths: they are very nice people and gentlemn like and they work with you on what you can afford

Weakness: i myeself have seen none and i have bugged my salesman enough i am suprise he even whant to talk to me .But he knows his stuff.and is a very understand man and gentleman like.

I couldnot see me going any other dealer to shop they will help you get the best deal possible for you SO WHY GO ANY PLACE ELSE WHEN YOU CAN GET IT ALL RIGHT HERE AT INFINITYCAMEERS DO NOT GO NO WERE ELSE .Victory worked with me great so try them out you will not be sorry if a mistake is made the go on and above to keep ypu as a coustomer they are really great try them out and let everyone else know to. thank you victory for all the help you gave me you are really good on your job keep up the good work david from ohio

By glock - Aug 5, 2002

For the price, this cam is...

Strengths: shift key for quick access. Many features, esp at this price range. very professional build and feel - feels solid. not overly large, but gives a true SLR feel. VERY nice movie mode

Weakness: Colors slightly oversaturated, especially the red, however, most consumers will never notice. A few hot pixels in 6mp mode, but not enough to worry about. no internal controls over saturation.

For the price, this cam is definetly worth considering. advanced features allow novice and expert users alike to take control of their pictures. auto mode is good for point and shoot operation. I have never used a digital camera before this one (but i am technologically able to learn), and I feel that the learning curve is not bad at all. (i did read about 5 pages of the manual before i started. I would recommend getting a larger card (only 16 mb supplied). This camera has many features that come only in 900 dollar cameras. the movie mode is the best on the market right now - you can shoot 640 x 480 (tv quality) at 30 fps. really nice looking movies. however, to get maximum use, you will need a larger card. i didnt really find the low light problems others seem to be having, it did better in low light than expected. batteries do go quick, so buy yourself 8 1700mAh AA batteries (yes, do pay extra for 1700 - it will save you at least an hour per charge). software is easy, but i dont use it for professional reasons - adobe photoshop recommended here. overall, a great camera for the point and shoot novice who wants a big zoom and the prosumer who wants full manual control over things like aperature, shutter, ISO, white balance (custom mode), and other things

By verify_reality - Aug 4, 2002

This is the digital camera I have...

Strengths: 6 x zoom, excellent resolution and colour, a photographic program for almost every occasion (portrait, sports, night) and the ability to record decent AVI's. Great in Auto Mode.

Weakness: AVI editing software is weak (no way to save your must output it and start again). Battery duration with Microdrive and Flash is short. AVI audio leaves a lot to be desired.

This is the digital camera I have been waiting for: 6x zoom, lots of automatic and manual control so I can do as much or as little on automatic as the occasion calls for. Great colour and detail, although I have yet to determine whether the 6 megapixel mode is a vast improvement over the 3 meg mode. The extra detail provided by the Electronic View Finder (vs the LCD display) is appreciated and it's a snap to change from one mode to another. Also the ability to crop photos (Zoom in, pan left/right and tilt up/down) in the camera and save them in separate files is a life saver when you are in a hurry.
Portait mode is smooth, Night Mode works well, and flash is very adequate. Auto focusing scheme takes a while to get used to when switching over from an SLR.

There is a lot of detail there that you may not pick up on at first glance! Beginners can use the AUTO modes quickly, but this camera is very VERY deep.

15 minutes of AVI recording at 640x480 with the 1 gig microdrive is way cool for making short features to be distributed on CD or for a website. The video editing software, although loaded with features, transitions and numerous export options, is weak. You cannot save a project and then return to it to add or change takes. Audio on AVIs suffer from a lisping artifact on "s" sounds due to inadequate high frequency filtering before sampling. Less than desirable microphone placement (I always end up covering it up).

By gabeb2000 - Jul 17, 2002





By CADZ96 - Jun 21, 2002

FujiFilm FinePix S602 Zoom

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By Imaging Resource - Apr 18, 2002

Fuji Finepix S602 Zoom

Fuji Finepix S602 Zoom receives an overall TopTenREVIEWS score of 1.82 out of 4.00. It is ranked the #370 standard digital camera of all time. The overall rating represents an intelligent balance of features, value as a function of price to features, and a summary of reviews from a variety of sources. The TopTen REVIEWS' formula gives a picture of important consumer features, market value,...
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