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No regrets

Strengths: Very simple, very easy, great quality pictures.

Weakness: Small memory card, short battery life, small LCD screen for picture viewing.

It's rare for me to buy anything without feeling I made some type of compromise. But in this price range, I can't think of any significant shortcomings for the A410. It is amazingly simple to take pictures and download them to a computer. Set up for an XP computer is virtually automatic. And although I'm sure professional software has more sophisticated options, you probably wouldn't ever use them. The canon software is totally intuitive and makes adjustments you care about absolutely simple.

Sure, more expensive cameras allow super blow-ups and special effects, etc. But if you are using a film camera now, this camera will give you 90% of all the digital benefit you are ever likely to notice. Great, sharp pictures, no wasted film, instant look at the pictures.

To compensate for the small memory card, download to your computer frequently or just buy one of dozens of larger cards available from hundreds of sellers.

This camera is almost certainly adequate for you, and it’s cheap enough to give to your kids.

By mkmcd - Feb 8, 2006

Excellent for the beginner or amateur photographer!

Strengths: Excellent picture, great price, compact size

Weakness: Lack manual functions

This Camera is excellent for the beginner or amateur photographer looking for a cheap digital camera on the market. This is a new Canon, and it works amazing. There are many features hidden on this camera though, so make sure you look. The photo quality is amazing, so much better then a lot of cameras I've shot with. And for this price, the camera is totally worth it.

By remgenesis - Jan 4, 2006

Great Camera!

Strengths: Excellent picture quality. Compact size. Nice looking.

Weakness: The memory card included is very small.

This is a superb camera at an unbelievable price. The camera body is very attractive, it's light and portable, and the controls are very easy and intuitive to use. 3.2MP is more than enough for very high quality prints. The battery life is also good. Simply amazing technology.

By geotuna - Feb 5, 2006

Good Digital Camera

Strengths: Very fast menu navigation and picture viewing Auto white balancing Very slick rectangular design, curved edges, and a dark silver color, with all the buttons perfectly in the right place

Weakness: The LCD is smaller

This is a superb camera at an unbelievable price. The camera body is very attractive, it's light and portable, and the controls are very easy and intuitive to use. 3.2MP is more than enough for very high quality prints, though I did add a 512k card.

By zcylobo001 - Jan 16, 2006

Awesome value

Strengths: Price, picture quality, DIGIC II procssor, 3.2x zoom, compact size

Weakness: None really, but a better grip would be nice

After doing much research, this camera turned out to be the best bang for the buck. This line of Canons are generally regarded as the best picture quality of the point and shoot digital cameras. This is due to DIGIC II processor, which is the same processor in Canon's top of the line cameras. Also, the size is suprisingly small. Do note that this camera doesnt have any manual settings, but that isnt a big deal for someone who wants the camera to do all the work. I am very satisfied with this purchase

By lawnboy956 - Oct 22, 2005

A great entry to digital photography

Strengths: Canon quality and service, inexpensive, DIGIC II, optical and digital zoom, AA batteries.

Weakness: One out of two I purchased was defective.

I purchased two Canon A410 cameras for Christmas presents. One for my wife and one for my daughter. I did not want to spend a fortune since this will be a race to see who kills their camera first! The Canon digital cameras were recommended by a co-worker who is an avid digital photographer.

Since this camera is very popular there are a number of reviews on the web about it (Google search "A410 review"). I will leave the details to the pro's reviews and focus on my impressions.

The camera is a comfortable size with a solid feel good layout. Everything you need to start taking pictures is in the box. One of the reasons I chose the "A" series Canon cameras is the fact it can use "AA" batteries. The camera comes with two "AA" batteries and I purchased rechargable NiMH "AA" batteries with a charger. Using rechargable batteries is a real cost saver in the long run but if you happen to be on vacation or out and about and the batteries die far away from the charger you can just pick up a standard pair of "AA" batteries and continue shooting. This is not an option with a camera that has a built-in rechargable battery.

The camera is easy to use and the delay between taking pictures is short. Since these cameras were presents I did not spend a lot of time playing with the different modes or features. I was glad to see an automatic lens cover when the camera is turned off. Nothing to remember there. The only negative comment I have is that out of the two cameras I purchased one was defective right out of the box. One camera would not power on. I tried different batteries and SD cards to no avail. I contacted the vendor where I purchased the camera (online) and they stated I have to return it to Canon under warranty. This is why I like to shop early for the holidays! Canon has been wonderful about accepting the camera for repairs and the camera is in the "shop" as we speak. Canon gives very easy and clear instructions on how to handle the warranty work and keeps you informed via e-mail and on their website of the status of your repair. So unless you have time to wait in case your camera is defective I would suggest buying one locally so you can return it for an exchange if it is DOA.

I am pleased with the camera and I think my wife and daughter will be too. If it lasts more than a month in their hands then I am impressed with the durability and reliability of Canon products.

By cpelosi - Nov 25, 2005

Canon A410 delivers on the essentials for photo-lovers

Strengths: simple to use, inexpensive

Weakness: not top of the line camera

Canon A410 delivers on the promises of reliable, competent point-to-shoot camera. It is not overly small like the Elph/S/SD counterparts from Canon, but still small enough to grasp and just go everywhere with it.

The quality of the pictures are very nice, clear and vivid, just like any other Canon cameras. Navigation is simple and intuitive.

There are things you cannot do with the camera (e.g. nighttime photography), but the relative inexpensiveness and the quality of the output more than justify the purchase of the camera and therefore I would recommend it.

By fastclock - Dec 14, 2005


Strengths: Great picture quality.

Weakness: Small memory card included.

Start-up time of the camera is very quick. Photo quality is excellent, as one would expect of a Canon camera, with accurate color, low noise, and good sharpness. In Macro mode it focuses as close as 5 cm at wide-angle and 25 cm at telephoto. In Super Macro mode it can focus as close as 1.5 cm. It has several preset shooting modes including Portrait, Night Snapshot, Kids and Pets, Indoor, Foliage, Beach, Snow, and Fireworks.

As with most point-and-shoot cameras there is a bit of red-eye to deal with, but the software included in the package deals with it fairly well. The A410's controls are logical and generally well-placed. Using the zoom located in the 4-way controller seemed a little bit awkward at first, but I got used to it in fairly short order. It seems to have been placed to favor using the LCD for composing photos.

By dingdang - Feb 27, 2006

One of the best 3mp's on the market

Strengths: 2AA batteries, zoom, picture quality, price

Weakness: Have little difficulty to open battery/memory card compartment. No audio in movie mode

I got my first good impression from this camera when my friend came with it to my birthday party. I made quiet few pictures and made short movie. Then I dicied to order this camera for myself. After receiving I got a full play with it. Camera has very simple to use and very easily to navigate fitures and settings. Good quality pictures in every setting. I would prefere video with some sound but over all good camera for reasonable price.

By maksymaz - Dec 29, 2005

Canon Powershot A410

Strengths: Small, compact, easily fits into your pocket. Takes excellent Photos, excellent value for the price.

Weakness: Display is difficult to see on sunny days.

This camera replaced a larger one that I lost and I wanted a camera I could put in my pocket. I was impressed with the quality of the pictures.Sharp detail, excellent color and I'm able to enlarge them to 81/2 x 11 without any loss of detailusing medium reso;ution.
The menu is simple and easy to understand without extensive sub menus.

By russ2hill - May 21, 2006

Good lowest cost entry level canon camera with DIGIC II chip

Strengths: Digic II chip, picture quality, small and lightweight, uses SD card and can accept AA batteries.

Weakness: Not as easy to hold verus sony cybershot series; no dedicated zoom button; needs heavy duty rechargeable nimh batteries.

For this review, I will compare it with the Sony Cybershot DSC-P71 camera which is also a 3+ megapixel camera which I have been using for the past 3 years.

The A410 is shorter than the cybershot in length by about half an inch and is much, much lighter. However, I find it is easier to hold onto the cybershot with one hand versus the A410.

In terms of picture quality, the A410 wins hands down, aided by the new Digic II chip. It is evident both on screen and in picture prints. It also uses SD cards which are plentiful with more speed options versus the proprietary memorystick which costs more per megabyte.

The only flaws I could find in the A410 is the lack of a dedicated optical zoom buttons that I have on the cybershot. Also, it seems to want heavy duty rechargeable batteries (like 2500mah type) in order to work for a extended period of time. I plugged in charged Kodak 1850mah batteries and it only shows half battery full!

Other than that, I can live with these compromises given the pricepoint of this camera.

By robkwong - Dec 30, 2005

Nice cute camera

Strengths: size is small and it is very cute. Nice cheap camera for my little niece who is 9 years old

Weakness: only 3 mp

I love this camera. It is small and light with good picture qulity. The price is also good for a Canon powershot camera. It has 3 optical zoom. Very cute! Perfect gift for kids!

By stellatao - Oct 5, 2005

Best Bang for your Buck

Strengths: Realizing that you are reading this because "you want" a point and shoot camera,right? This is the right camera, in front of you now!!!--I rate this camera as a +5 in all areas.

Weakness: Non---------for a point and shoot camera!!!---------the question is What "you" want------with this point and shoot NO weakness's at all!

I recommend this camera to all who enjoy taking pictures with very little if no work involved. I have two other digitals that I use for specialty work. This is (MY) little point and shoot camera (fun type camera). I keep it on me at all times to catch the interest shots that happen around you all the time. Buy it --- it is worth it believe me. HAVE FUN
Signed-------Having fun---Al!

By Awindel - Dec 5, 2005

Excellent for the price

Strengths: Crisp pictures. Good battery life

Weakness: No manual control. Weak flash.

This is a compact entry level camera. Works great and takes crisp and clear pictures. Battery life is good. It had lot of features for the price, although requires some looking around.

By dks123 - Feb 11, 2006

Good camera, not worth full price

Strengths: Compact, ideal for beginners

Weakness: Pricing

This is a perfect camera for beginners. Very easy controls, ideal gift for an older generation. Photos have very little noise in them, color saturation is pretty good as well. The camera doesn't look so good with its boxy shape but it gets the job done.

By bozo007 - Dec 16, 2005

Searching for the best

Strengths: The quality, clearity

Weakness: not much for other than our eyes, it is nice to have a camera almost as good.

Saving the picture that are want when you want them.
I can take this Camera to anywhere I can go, and save my memories.
When life is presicous
Handy to use the source of QUALITY....Thanks

By anonymous; - Nov 15, 2005

Cute Canon A410

Strengths: Cute, compact, easy operation

Weakness: just a entry level DC

it is a classical canon DC. it is very cute, so it is easy to put in your pocket.
as a entry level DC, you can use it freely.
The quality of picture is good enough for printing.
use SD card as memory.

but this DC doesn't have manual setting and use AA batteries.

All in all, it is a cheap and cute camera for beginner.

By wznq2004 - Dec 20, 2005

Best Powershot by Canon

Strengths: Great Picture Quality

Weakness: small memory card, Image stabilization missing

The great picture quality and easy handling the optical zoom is really very effective i have not seen such great pictures from any powershot. awsome thats the right word for this camera

By anonymous; - Dec 26, 2007

Buying a digital camera for my daughter for Christmas

Strengths: Easy to use. Good picture. Optical zoom is decent enough. For 109 bucks, this is probably one of best cameras you can purchase at such a low price.

Weakness: Movie has no sound.

If you want a decent camera that's relatively cheap, this is your camera. Most cameras are over 200. At 109, this thing is a steal, well as much as 109 bucks is being a steal. You know what I mean.

By anonymous; - Dec 13, 2006

Great Product

Strengths: Takes nice pictures.

Weakness: None.

This camera has more than exceeded my expectations. It takes fabulous pictures even in the pitch dark. You can zoom, and zoom and the pictures are still clear. There are tons of features, including the option to take your photos in black and white or sepia. It's easy to use, but do read the manuals so you can take full advantage of all the camera has to offer. I would definitely recommend this camera to anyone. The only small downer was that the memory card that the camera comes with doesn't hold many photos. But other than that it's perfect! Go buy one! It's the best deal for your money, hands down!

By geotuna - Jun 1, 2006

Canon Powershot A410 3.2MP Digital Camera with 3.2x Optical Zoom & Canon PIXMA iP4200 Photo Printer

Strengths: easy to use, great for the price

Weakness: not as good as the more expensive ones (smaller screen, less megapixels)

it's a great entry level camera that comes with the printer. cannot beat the price. not the best as far as screen size and megapixels but is very great for the price.

By hkbcheung - May 31, 2006

Good bundle for beginer

Strengths: Price, quality of photo, easy operation

Weakness: 16MB SD Card is too small

I like this beginer's bundle very much, easy operation. One issue is about the 16MB SD card. It is too small. I don't know I should keep it or just throw it away.

By godman - May 31, 2006

Canon PowerShot A410 Digital Camera

Strengths: Very good image quality, affordable

Weakness: Build quality could be better

The Canon PowerShot A410 Digital Camera is very affordable, uses standard AA batteries, and takes outstanding pictures, especially considering its price range. The LCD is a quality one and of high resolution, although I wish it had been bigger. On the downside the camera feels kind of flimsy in my opinion and a wide angle option is non existant. Would buy again.

By john_t1234 - Mar 24, 2006

good bundle for low end camera and printer user

Strengths: easy to use and install, both camera and printer give out very hugh quality picture when you consider their price

Weakness: none

In this bundle, A410 is a very classical canon DC. it is not very big and can be easily put in pocket. The quality of picture is very good when you consider it is only an entry level camera. it use SD card as memory, so very easy to upgrade. and it use AA batteries, so you don't need to worry about buying expensive backup ones.
for Ip 4200 printer, it is perfect for the average home user who needs to print normal documents or prints photos occasionally. it delivers very good quality photos within a acceptable time period.
All in all, this is a very good camera and printer bundle for entry level users and hence high recommend for those peoples.

By xsli77 - Mar 15, 2006

good inexpensive camera

Strengths: AA batteries, size, picture quality and price

Weakness: small 1.5 inch LCD

This is a very good camera at an affordable price. The camera body is light and portable, and the controls are very easy and intuitive to use. The picture quality is very good indoor and outdoor and 3.2MP is more than enough for very high quality prints. The LCD is only 1.5 inch but considering the low price and good performance, this is a fantastic entry level camera.

As for the IP4200 printer, the printing quality is super and it is blazing fast. It's a great deal to get the combo for under $200.

By allen9917 - Mar 6, 2006

Canon Powershot A410 3.2MP Digital Camera with 3.2x Optical Zoom & Canon PIXMA iP4200 Photo Printer

Strengths: easy to use, compact, good pics

Weakness: night shots not great, only comes w/ 16mb card

Very well priced bundle. Camera is small enough to take everywhere, uses 2 aa batteries, so easy to get more. Takes good pics in general, but night shots aren't great. Still some redeye. Also, there's a delay between charges. Printer makes great photos, only con to printer is that I will have to buy so many different inks

By milojack - Mar 4, 2006

Canon Powershot A410 3.2MP Digital Camera with 3.2x Optical Zoom & Canon PIXMA iP4200 Photo Printer

Strengths: The camera is light and portable. It can take great pictures. The autofocus is quick. It has a nice solid body, functional design that feels good in your hands.

Weakness: Using AA batteries, you have to spend some money to buy them. not having many manual controls.

Canon A410 is a nice inexpensive camera. By far the best entry level digital camera currently on the market. I just use it to take some pictures for my ebay stuff. It's great. And I like it very much. Also the printer is also very nice. It can print very nice pictures with a good resolution.

By chenflash - Mar 3, 2006

Best Valued Bundle

Strengths: price, nice entry level camera, good photo printer

Weakness: None

gave camera to my parents as a gift. Simple and easy to use and my parents learned to use it very quickly. Photo quality is ok for this kind of entry-level camera.

ip4200 is a great all-purpose color ink printer. It is based on old ip4000 model, which was one of best selling printers last year.

By caoguangyu - Mar 3, 2006

Good printer and camera for beginner

Strengths: Price, picture quality, zoom, SD card, AA battery

Weakness: The body shape is not my style

I bought the bundle of camera A410 and photo printer IP4000 from Staples. (em, Staples is good too)

Good price for this kind of beginner's camera. It's a great gift for my parents.

By wuxiuwen - Feb 28, 2006

Nice Camera Printer Combo

Strengths: Great picture and print quality.

Weakness: Ink is kinda expensive.

This combo does what it should and thats take great photos and makes outstanding prints and I have been pleased. I came across this combo and purchased it after my positive experience with canon quality for years. But after getting the combo I realized I needed the printer cable, larger memory card, rechargeable batteries and charger. I read in a review do not get caught up in the 3mp vs 5mp vs 7mp because most will not be printing poster size prints. I agree with this, however, the more the better as i found out. Where the higher MP shines for the average person like me is when you want to crop or edit a pic. I was taking photos of different flowers for a montage and used both the 3mp and 5mp. I was able to crop and enlarge the photo on screen and print out a 4x6 with no loss in quality while the 3mp did a good job i did start seeing some loss in quality. Like i said this is a solid printer excellent print quality and the camera is great but just be aware of the additional costs of ownership for items you will need and that are included in other combos.

By geotuna - Feb 28, 2006

Canon Powershot A410

Strengths: Captures great shots.

Weakness: Not really.

As with all Canon's A-series cameras, it uses AA batteries. I prefer cameras that use AA batteries over cameras that use proprietary lithium ion batteries because AAs are cheap and available and in a pinch you can drop in some alkalines. Not surprisingly, the A410 ate the alkalines included in the package pretty quickly, but it gets excellent life from rechargeable NiMH batteries. The 16MB card included with the camera is just OK for a 3-megapixel camera. You'll want to get a larger capacity card. Fortunately, you can get a pretty good deal on SD cards, which are available as large as a GB! Since at the default setting file sizes are about 1 MB, you may find a 128 MB card to be more than adequate.

By dingdang - Feb 27, 2006

Nice camera and great quality printer

Strengths: quality, easy to use, price, compact size

Weakness: none really, but only 3.2 mp kind of low

I have this camera and printer bundle for one month. gotta love it so far! For the price I paid, I'm very pleased with its value: good camera quality and printing quality directly from its bundle printer; camera is cute, compact and very easy to use. it's a good entry camera. But I'm not very happy with its low 3 megapixel, kind of low in today's market. anyway, for the price paid, it's worth it.

By chaowangutk - Feb 25, 2006

Nice camera and printer

Strengths: A410 uses DIGIC II procssor,compact size with 3.2x zoom. Good picture quality. And printing quality is also good

Weakness: only 3.2M pixel resolution

The Canon A410 uses DIGIC II procssor,compact size with 3.2x zoom.I like its compact design.Good picture quality with a relative low price of it. Using 2 AA batteries and SD/MMC memory card, making it small size overall. It can give good quality picture with 3.2x optical zoom though it is only 3.2M resolution,which is already good for photo printer to print out nicely pictures.

By cocoxu - Feb 24, 2006

Great printer camera combo

Strengths: handy camera,good quality printing

Weakness: ink finishes too fast

This is a good printer / camera combo especially for the price it is offered. The camera is very handy and light and has a good resolution. The printer gives some good quality prints but ink gets consumed very fast. Otherwise a good combo worth going for.

By jayasri - Feb 24, 2006

A fine camera and printer.

Strengths: Cheaper compare to purchase separately.

Weakness: The body of camera looks not good. The ratio of length and width is not good. It looks more like a phone than camera.

The camera and printer comes in a big box. However, two separated box is inside which are the same as the retail box.
The camera just need 2 AA bettery which is good. But the memory card is small and you need buy separately if you want really to use camera.

By song_mail - Feb 14, 2006

Great bundle for a great price

Strengths: Easy to use, Canon quality

Weakness: New iPX200 series printers have chipped cartridges

Purchased this bundle for $150 (minus $30 coupon). Great bang for the buck, camera is a great starter camera with good features and Canon quality lens. As far as the printer goes, it's a good printer, except that you have to deal with chipped cartridges, unlike the iPX000 series printers.

By stuff99sale - Feb 10, 2006

Canon quality continues

Strengths: Top Notch Camera with nicely integrated photo printer

Weakness: no cable

I've gone through a lot of cameras, camcorders and digital cameras and by far, the one name I seem to have been able to count on when JVC, Hitachi and even Sony let me down has been Canon. I have a Canon S410 Digital Elph and it's been a great little camera. My daughter wanted a digital camera recently and I found this camera and printer bundle at Amazon at a good price with a rebate.

The A410 is a little thicker and heavier than the S410, mainly because it takes two regular AA batteries instead of the slim, custom rechargeable types in the S410. Other than that and a few less features regarding resolution (this camera is 3.2MP instead of 4.0MP in the S410) has all the features a discerning digital camera shopper would look for including a 3X OPTICAL (not just digital) zoom and plenty of onscreen controls as well as manual and automatic operation.

The printer has a pretty small footprint and comes with a few sheets of 4x6 paper to try out (once you figure out the proper way to load it in the tray). The photo prints on the glossy paper are astounding and almost undetectable from prints from a photoprocessor. The separate ink cartridges allow you to just replace the colors that are low instead of tossing out the whole thing when just one runs low. I still don't see why printers can't just come with a USB cable, they don't even cost much. The ability to print directly from the camera to the printer without a computer between is also handy.

By john_ray - Jan 29, 2006

Canon Powershot A410 digital camera

Strengths: good design, easy to use

Weakness: an entry-level digital camera

As an entry-level digital camera, It is a great 3.2-megapixel camera with great price. Good design/appearance, and good picture quality. Easy to use. And it has Very fast menu navigation and picture viewing features. I am very satisfied with it.

By Ellen7 - Jan 9, 2006

A good entry camera

Strengths: easy to use, cute, AA batteries

Weakness: small LCD, only 1.5 inch

Canon always makes good cameras. Especially, A410 is a great camera for the beginners. It is small enough, and easy to handle. The picture quality in the daytime is good, although it only has 3MP. It uses the sd cards, not those expensive xd cards like Olympus. The pictures in the night are not quite good, but considering the price, it will be a good present for kids.

By welldone - Jan 5, 2006

Average for $$

Strengths: AA batteries -good pictures Canon brand name w/ DIGIC

Weakness: little bulky, small 1.5 inch lcd

I foud this camera to be little bulky. The small 1.5 inch lcd is also displeasing. However , for a beginner camera, it is a good start. It looks and feels how an inexpensive point & shoot camera should and the quality of the images is very good for 3MP.

By mudfoot - Dec 29, 2005

review about Canon A410

Strengths: light,compact, the body is attractive,allow you to transfer picture without additional software

Weakness: very bad for night shots or weak light

for the price, this is a very good camera for entry level user.battery saving and the design is very fancy. However you need to buy extra memory card, it is a pity that it is not using SD,CF card.Overall, I would say it is the best entry level digital camera currently on the market.To compare to A510,its advantage is the energy conserving.

By hjdut - Dec 21, 2005

I bought this camera as a...

Strengths: sleek, compact design. looks very nice. 3x optical zoom. movie playback with sound.

Weakness: flash is still not strong enough. dark in the background on a lot of pictures.

I bought this camera as a replacement/upgrade from my previous Canon digital camera. My previous one was a Canon S110. This one has the same sleek look and compact design. But suffers from the same weak flash of my earlier model. Otherwise, in day shots, pictures are beautiful. It helps to have the infrared focus lights for close-up shots.

By theabsoluteq - Dec 9, 2004

Good camera for good price. Need...

Strengths: Small size, good quality picture outside & indoor (printed on 6x4 at a 1-hr photo), surprisingly good video quality, Video output to watch on TV, not slow

Weakness: No battery indicator (camera only notifies when charge is very low), can not charge battery in camera, can not power camera directly (need to buy accessory), not the fastest camera

Good camera for good price. Need extra battery and Compaq Flash. If you want even better video consider the S500. I like the zoom lever on top (ergonomic- can use without looking for it). Display is good in most conditions.

By jbehar - Oct 23, 2004

DCRP Review: Canon PowerShot A410

While it's not terribly exciting from the spec sheet, the Canon PowerShot A410 is a pretty good entry-level digital camera. Even so, I'd probably recommend that most folks pay a bit more for a more full-featured camera (like Canon's A510).
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By DCResource - Oct 8, 2005

Canon PowerShot A410

Featuring a 3.2-megapixel CCD, automatic exposure control with a wide range of preset shooting modes, and a real bargain price, the <a href="http://www.imaging-resource.... PowerShot A410</a> does a great job of holding up that company's sterling reputation at the low end of their line. Built on the same long-tested design as many A-series predecessors, the <a...
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By Imaging Resource - Nov 16, 2005

Canon PowerShot A410

The Canon A410 will prove to be an outstanding camera for any novice that is looking for a digital camera. For this type of photographer, the possibilities and options offered make it very well suited to replace a 35mm camera. The quality lives up to all expectations; comfort and ease are close at hand.
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By - Mar 20, 2007

Canon PowerShot A410 has collected 14 expert reviews for Canon PowerShot A410 and the average expert rating is 73 of 100. The average score reflects the expert community’s view on this product. Click below and use to see all ratings, product awards and conclusions.
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By - Nov 19, 2008

ReviewGist for Canon PowerShot A410 Digital Camera

Image is Good according to 14 Digital Camera experts. -- "image quality is great" -- "Photo quality on the A410 was very good." -- "the beginning photographer will succeed in taking a photo realistic print without all too much effort." Read more to find expert opinions on more features like Video, Optics, Interface,...
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