Canon PowerShot S40 4 Megapixel Compact Camera

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The new primary color filter captures all the luminescence of a complimentary color filter with true, radiant color reproduction, thanks to re-engineered digital signal processing. Fresh new proportions, a sliding capsule lens cover and sleek, subtly colored aluminum casing make a definitive design statement. Using the My Camera function and supplied Solution CD, you can choose the look of your camera's start-up screen and the sounds it makes for start-up, shutter, self-timer and other operations. You can even use sounds you digitally record yourself - your pet, a friend's voice or your favorite music. Catch incredible action shots with two Continuous Shooting modes. Using a USB-interface PC and Remote Capture, the camera can be remotely controlled from a computer.

Quick Glance

LCD Screen Size: 1.8 in

Memory Card Support: CompactFlash (CF) Card, Microdrive

Effective Megapixels: 4 Megapixel

Camera Type: Compact Camera

normalized-Optical Zoom: 3

normalized-Weight: 9.17


Product Title: Canon PowerShot S40 4 Megapixel Compact Camera

Manufacturer: Canon

Power Score: 4.5 | 16 Reviews

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I take millions of pictures...

Strengths: Pictures look great on my 19" monitor. Why even bother to print them.

Weakness: One bad pixel developed over time. You have to zoom in and know where to look for it, but it's always there.

I take millions of pictures because we had a baby just before I got the camera. I'm a 35mm user from way back and this is my first digital. All the pics go on the hard drive (and then onto a CD). No longer have to worry about high film processing costs and loads and loads of prints with nowhere to put them. This has worked great for me. Can print them out whenever I want. This is an advantage of...
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By robertsbor - Jul 29, 2003

Small enough to fit in your pocket...

Strengths: Compact design, great outdoor and scenery pictures

Weakness: Very bad red-eye and blurry night pictures. Eats battery life too fast.

Small enough to fit in your pocket and carry around anywhere. This camera has great resolution and takes awesome scenery and outdoor pictures. However, the flash is horrible and night pictures are usually either blurry or have terrible red-eye (typical of most digital cameras). A second battery is a necessity because they drain so quickly. Overall, it's been a great camera.

By timshady - Jul 9, 2003

Overall, I am quite pleased with...

Strengths: Excellent resolution. Covered lense. Good pictures.

Weakness: Little slow. Higher optical resolution would be nice.

Overall, I am quite pleased with this camera. I bought an extra battery and 2 ea, 128MB cards. Never have any problems with battery life, nor capacity. Photo quality is excellent. The covered lens is a "God Sent", and I am extremely happy I changed to a camera with that capability. The camera is compact, logical, and takes great pictures. Good Buy!

By putnams - Dec 10, 2002

This tiny package contains tons of...

Strengths: Compact design, All aluminum case, Excellent cover on/off switch.

Weakness: Horrible battery life, poor macro focusing.

This tiny package contains tons of features. So far i've been quite satisfied with this camera. The only thing that bothers me most is the short battery life. Other than that it is an excellent choice.

By monty697 - Dec 1, 2002

This camera is a must have. 4...

Strengths: Sleek, functional and extremely well made. Outstanding picture quality with great ease of use.

Weakness: Just try and find a weakness!

This camera is a must have. 4 megapixels of visually breath-taking pictures. I bought an extra battery and a 256Mb flash card. I've looked at and used numerous other digital cameras. Size, durability, ease-of-use and picture quality make this camera the hands-down winner. You owe it to yourself to at least look at this camera. Forget the other manufacturers, Canon owns this segment of the market....
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By JimCravens - Oct 6, 2002

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