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Best digital camera I've ever owned

Strengths: Excellent optics, great battery life, very configurable

Weakness: Stock lens might be inadequate for power users, some autofocus issues.

I upgraded from a first generation Digital EOS Rebel and have not regretted it. My first generation started having "pop up flash problems" and that issue seems to have been corrected in their new design. It took a little while to get the feel of the new camera, but it feels more solidly built and more metallic than its older counterpart. The autofocusing and light metering systems are phenomenal and the amount of thought Canon put into developing this camera is evident in its intuitive menus and fantastic photos.

By dleclair - Jul 19, 2007

Incredibly Good-Looking Camera

Strengths: State of the art design, huge LCD screen, fast start-up time, more than I've expected!

Weakness: Plastic material (can't complain for the price though), grip somewhat uncomfortable (can get used to though)

I am relatively new to SLR photography. I have previously shot film SLR before, but decided that it was time to give digital SLR photography a try.

First off, the cons. The Rebel XTi is made of plastic. Although for the price of this camera, it is very hard to complain. Due to the very same reason though, the camera is very light. It is a trade-off that I'm sure many of you can take into consideration. However, it is hard for me not to make comparisons to the build quality, as I've just migrated from a metal-made film Pentax SLR from many years ago.

The second downfall is the grip of the camera. I will not elaborate, as many other reviews have already mentioned this issue. I have mid-size hands, and I feel like this isn't something I can't overcome. Once I get used to it, the grip will no longer be a problem.

Aside from these two minor glitches, this camera is awesome! I loved it from the moment I opened the box. The camera is stylish and fast. Furthermore, the LCD screen is HUGE. This is made in comparison with the Canon S400 that I bought from 4, 5 years ago.

As I mentioned earlier, I am relatively new to digital SLR photography, so I cannot provide useful insight on the technical aspects of this camera. As a newbie entering digital SLR photography, I definitely feel that this entry-level digital SLR is well worth my money.

Additional thoughts:

Before buying this camera, I was considering the Sony Alpha A100K along with this. The Sony has anti-shake built into it, which seemed like a real advantage compared to this camera. Canon forces users to buy image stabilizing (IS) lenses, which would be an additional cost. I eventually chose the XTi over the Sony due to Canon's reputation for digital photography, and for its state-of-the-art design.

By skipig - Nov 11, 2006

Sweet Rebel XTi Kit

Strengths: This kit includes a 17-85mm IS lens, which is far superior to the basic kit's 18-55mm lens

Weakness: None identified.

For prospective buyers of Canon Digital Rebels, do not skimp and buy the 8.0MP Rebel XT, definitely step up to the 10.1MP Rebel XTi. You might think the smaller price tag is the way to go, but you will forgo a number of significant improvements.

Likewise, if you have a interest in photography as a hobby, skip the Rebel kit with the basic 18-55mm lens. Your money is better spent on a body and separate lens.

This Rebel kit comes with the 17-85mm lens, and it is a nice combination. The 17-85mm lens has Image Stabilization and provides more flexibility out of the chute, thereby delaying the urge to buy your next lens.

Here are some more items for your Rebel shopping list:

UV Filter: Mandatory, keeps your expensive lens from getting scratched
CF Card: Mandatory, comes with none
Extra Battery: Optional, get a second to ensure that you can shoot for the entire day
Gear Bag: Optional, but you'll need something to protect your new toy

By GMReddick - Apr 13, 2007

Perfect camera

Strengths: easy to use if you have had a slr style caera before

Weakness: LCD screen can't be used as a viewfinder

perfect starter camera. More light weight than the XT. and 2 more megapixels!. Camera is light and easy to use. I really like the larger lcd screen. the fonts on the lcd are nice and large, easy to read....even in the bright sun.

i only wish that canon would mak the camera so that you can use the lcd screen as a view finder....

By skanknpunx - Dec 1, 2006

A very nice entry level DSLR with potential.

Strengths: Very well built all around. Very useful LCD. Buttons are well layed out, but the grip and shutter button take just a little getting used to. Kit lens is very light and versatile with zoom.

Weakness: Kit lens is not one of the better built (quality wise) lens. Quality is a notch up from Canon 50mm f/1.8 II. Kit flash is a bit weak for indoors or dim situations.

This ia a great DSLR camera to get as it is one of the lightest DSLRs out there in the market. The XTI sports the dust cleaning technology and higher mega-pixels over its brother the Canon XT. It also has newer improvements by combining two screens into one for a display/menu panel, and well placed comfort grips where the hands would be when wielding the camera.

This was my first DSLR and I've been an avid fan of Canon's powershot cameras, going from a 3.2MP S230 to an SD550 7.1MP camera, I loved their versatility and quality, but I wanted to be more serious with picture taking and so I saved up for a Canon XTi.

I've recently purchased an expensive Canon 580EX II flash after many months of being stuck with the kit flash. The 580EX II should provide a lot more power and functionality for everyone's flash needs, but it is a bulky addition to the camera. I would highly recommend the extra Canon battery grip, the BG-E3, which allows for six AA batteries or 2 canon rechargeable NB-2LH batteries to power the XTi. At the same time, the grip helps balance the camera, providing for better handling. It also aids in portrait shots when the camera has to be tilted vertical by having all important controls replicated on the grip. The grip provides an additional shutter release, AE lock button, AF point selector, and command dial). Both the camera and the grip's set of controls can be used at any time as long as the grip's controls are switched to on.

Overall I would recommend this camera to anyone who is looking to enter the DSLR world. This camera opened up a whole new world of photography for me. There is much to learn outside of automatic mode and I'm glad I have more control over my shots now. I think that is one of the biggest differences between a point and shoot camera and any type of SLR, it's the amount of control over one's shots.

By wgsquallx2002 - Nov 9, 2007

Great point and shoot upgrade

Strengths: Great value, quick response, easy to use

Weakness: Small grip, still has that yellow low-light tint

I have been using a Canon S70 (prosumer point and shoot) for the past 3 years and have recently decided that it's just not versatile enough. I needed something with interchangeable lenses and faster recycling speeds so I won't miss those special family moments. The Rebel XTI met and exceeded all my needs and expectations. Considering what other SLRs cost, it's a great entry-level SLR that does not skimp on features. My only two complaints are that the grip is on the smaller size and that like all the other Canon products I have used, still produces a yellowish tint when taking indoor low-light pics. Neither of these were a deal-breaker for me.

By vladbarkov - Nov 3, 2007

EOS Rebel XTi Black SLR Digital Camera Kit

Strengths: The image quality is awesome. There are so many features that it will take years to learn them all.

Weakness: The only thing that’s missing is a cheap lens bundle with Image Stabilisation. This will undoubtedly have potential buyers carefully weighing it up against the Sony Alpha A100 which costs much the same, while those with a little more to spend may be tempt

Ultimately the Canon EOS 400D / Rebel XTi is a great entry-level digital SLR which improves on its predecessor in many respects. It has higher resolution without compromising noise levels, a wide variety of anti-dust features, a bigger screen which doubles-up for detailed shooting information, the AF system of its bigger brother and fast overall handling.

By gopnik - Oct 6, 2007

One great Camera!

Strengths: Functionality, quality, capabilities, handling...

Weakness: At this point, only size (large) and limited visibility through screen.

We have had this camera for two weeks, and are in love with it. It feels like a digital version of our old Canon A1 in terms of functionality, and offers what feels like true SLR capabilities that are far beyond the Canon Elphs that we use. If you purchase, go with the 17-85mm lens, over the less expensive 18-55. You will also want filters, as with night photos in particular shooting without a filter produces much foggy distortion. We also added the 75-300mm lens, which combined with the 17-85, covers our every need. This camera will meet our digital needs for several years.

By jd_e - Jun 29, 2007


Strengths: Really nice design and very much like regular Canon SLRs so it is easy to pick up and use! Excellent lens cleaning technology!

Weakness: No ability to create videos :( CompactFlash not SD... although it seems most Digital SLRs are CompactFlash

This camera has a wonderfully huge LCD screen to view pictures (after you have taken them... not before... you have to use the viewfinder to see what you are taking). One other negative I have found is your can't edit pictures on the CompactFlash and you can't put pictures back onto the CompactFlash (which is quite weird).Turns on really quickly and it is ready to go! Overall I love the camera and I love the idea of getting nicer lens too (though the one it comes with is pretty amazing). I think this camera is great!

By sinofsky - May 21, 2007

perfect starter SLR

Strengths: affordable,IS lens is much better quality than a regular lens,easy to use

Weakness: should come with a perfect fit case.

this is a perfect slr camera for a starter like us.we love the eos .unbelievable thecnology from price,MP,17-85mm IS lens this is the best deal. we love the battery charger that can use in another country too.(no more worry when travel)accessories are easy to find and affordable.

By panpan2007 - May 12, 2007

Canon EOS 400D Rebel XTi

We've completed our testing of a production sample of the Canon Digital Rebel XTi, and updated the review to reflect that. The detailed tests revealed what we already suspected, this is a really excellent DSLR, with plenty of resolution and great image quality. As is the case with most DSLRs, the kit lens on the Canon XTi leaves a bit to be desired, but it's fine to get started with,...
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By Imaging Resource - Nov 22, 2006

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi Digital Camera Review

The Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi is an update of the Rebel XT with a 10.1-megapixel sensor, a dust removal system and a 2.5-inch 230,000-pixel LCD, along with a number of other improvements. At a list price of $699.99 with an 18-55mm kit lens, or $599.99 for the body only, the Rebel XTi picks up much of the image processing architecture of current pro and prosumer Canons with the same Picture...
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By - Dec 31, 1969

Canon EOS Rebel Xti

The Canon EOS 400D is an excellent first step into the world of DSLR cameras, as well as a great back-up camera. It is a genuinely versatile model, that remains user-friendly, offers comprehensible features and a clear operation.
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By - Mar 20, 2007

Camera Labs - Canon EOS 400D / Rebel XTi review

The Canon EOS 400D / Rebel XTi is a great value entry-level digital SLR which improves on its predecessor in many respects. It has higher resolution without compromising noise levels, a wide variety of anti-dust features, a bigger screen which doubles-up for detailed shooting information, the AF system of its bigger brother and fast overall handling. The only thing that’s missing is a cheap...
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By - Aug 30, 2006

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