Kodak Photo-Flo 200 Solution - 16 Oz.


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Decreases the water-surface tension on the emulsionMinimizes water marks and streaks on filmPromotes faster, more uniform drying

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Product Type: Film Processing Chemical


Product Title: Kodak Photo-Flo 200 Solution - 16 Oz.

Manufacturer: Kodak

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Power Score: 4.6 | 5 Reviews

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Makes a huge difference!

I developed my first rolls by skipping the Photo-flo thinking it was only an optional step. My developed films had dry marks all over. With this you only need a couple of drops (hence, the bottle will last you a LONG time) and I have not marks whatsoever now. It made a huge difference!

By Leica_red on Adorama - Sep 17, 2013

Your peace of mind with two drops

Two drops will be you a peace of mind, just that and without squeeze your film.

By Federico on Adorama - Jan 30, 2013

It worked

bought photo flo to remove a snap shot stuck to the glass.

By Bogy on Adorama - Dec 31, 2012

Did not completely straighten old curled

Did not completely straighten old tightly curled 35mm rools of negatives as hoped, but much made them straight enough for the scanner strip holder held them all right.

By Big B on Adorama - Aug 9, 2009

Cleans well

I've only started using this after getting back into BW film. I've used it strictly for cleaning so far, and it works very well. No doubt it helps in the final stages of developing. This stuff is worth the small amount to pay. You barely need any and it

By Linh on Adorama - Feb 21, 2008

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