Sony DCR-IP5 MicroMV HandyCam

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Recording Media: MICROMV

LCD Screen Size: 2.5 in

Interface Connection: A/V Input, A/V Output, IEEE 1394, S-Video

Image Stabilization: Digital

normalized-Optical Zoom: 10

normalized-Weight: 12


Product Title: Sony DCR-IP5 MicroMV HandyCam

Manufacturer: Sony

Power Score: 2.2 | 5 Reviews

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DCR-IP5 Micro MV handy cam

Strengths: size, features, picture quality

Weakness: tapes expensive, buttons too small, transfer to PC / DVD is not compatible (as MPEG-2 format, can only transfer recording 19 minutes at a time

just found out that Pinnacle v.8 upwards support MPEG-2 format. haven't tried yet. Great when travelling and light in weight. Battery lasts long considering size, and quality overall is good. just dissapointed with non-compatibility with programs to record from com to pc!!

By anonymous; - Sep 5, 2005

It has taken me a while to warm up...

Strengths: So small you will likely use it more than others (Enough of a reason to buy for some people, maybe even me)

Weakness: video editing, expensive tapes (20 each I think), not so hot support

It has taken me a while to warm up to this thing. First I kept having to buy tapes because I couldn't figure out how to work with the editing software and just get the files on my computer in a reasonable format, Then when I had more patience I researched and researched some more and figured out how to do it, but then something broke in the camera not allowing the transfer. I must have been in a...
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By EricVR4 - Jan 3, 2005

I have bought a lot of Sony...

Strengths: Small size.

Weakness: MicroMV format is incompatible with almost all video editing programs.

I have bought a lot of Sony products over the years so when I was in the market for a camcorder I foolishly just picked this up without researching it. After recording four tapes of my one year old I tried making a DVD and after 20-30 hours and using 3 programs, including Sony's Movieshaker (constant crashes) I have still been unsuccessful. I have just ordered a well reviewed Panasonic camera in...
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By mstuver - Feb 8, 2004

it works great unless you want to...

Strengths: small size

Weakness: compatibility, glitchy on tape loading motor, blocky video when import, warranty

it works great unless you want to import into your computer. there was no problem to import for 3,4 months but after that i got more and more blocky video. i contacted sony but their warranty expired (1 year part / 90 day labor) and i have to pay around $250. i keep complained but sony just ignored. i don't want to spend money on this. i'll buy a cheap canon dv with that money and some plus.
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By skim88 - Jul 8, 2003

Overall very satisfied. The small...

Strengths: Small size, battery life, picture quality, great functions. It's Sony.

Weakness: No software to edit except Movieshaker(included), controls a little small, low light mode useless, disc's a little pricey.

Overall very satisfied. The small size and great picture quality are huge. I find I take it more places because it is so small and compact. Pinnacle 8 will be released in the next few day's, it will support the microDv. Hopefully others will follow. Gee Whiz factor huge....

By ZaboAA - Aug 7, 2002

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