Sony Handycam Digital Camcorder - 2.5" LCD - CCD - Metallic Silver

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The DCR-PC101 MiniDV Handycam Camcorder combines improved battery capacity, megapixel image quality, MPEG EX movie capability, 8MB MS and USB streaming without compromising the compact and functional design of its award-winning predecessors. Weighing in at only one pound and four ounces, the new DCR-PC101 doesn't come up short on features. With a 10x optical/120x digital zoom and a 1/4.7, 1 megapixel CCD imager, this lightweight MiniDV Handycam Camcorder offers stunning digital video quality and digital still capture capability to Memory Stick Media. Additionally, the new camcorder features Carl Zeiss optics, a precision color viewfinder and a 2.5 precision SwivelScreen LCD with touchscreen controls, all in one tiny package.

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Recording Media: Tape Media, Memory Card, MiniDV

LCD Screen Size: 2.5 in

Interface Connection: 1 x USB, 1 x 4-pin IEEE 1394, 1 x S-Video In/Out, 1 x LANC, 1 x Headphone, 1 x Microphone, 1 x DC Power In

Image Stabilization: Electronic

normalized-Optical Zoom: 10

normalized-Weight: 20


Product Title: Sony Handycam Digital Camcorder - 2.5" LCD - CCD - Metallic Silver

Manufacturer: Sony

Power Score: 3.6 | 5 Reviews

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This is a great first camcorder...

Strengths: Portability, optics, battery life, low motor noise, multiple I/O ports, image stabilization

Weakness: LCD in daylight, microphone pickup, slow autofocus

This is a great first camcorder that goes everywhere and records generally high-quality video. Outdoor video is fine, but indoor video is monochromatic and noisy in low light. The 1MP stills don't compare to a dedicated digital camera, but are adequate for travel and field situations with the ability save more than 200 images at the highest resolution on an inexpensive 128MB memory stick. It...
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By perigee - Sep 25, 2003

I was recording my kid's...

Strengths: Nice size and weight, excellent picture quality, and battery life is very good. For most basic functions this is a great camcorder

Weakness: Sony made some VERY odd design decisions. Perhaps the worst is the location of the button to change tapes. It is on the bottom of the unit and if you use a tripod it is not accessable. (cont)

I was recording my kid's performance and needed to change tapes. I had to 1) remove the camera from the tripod, 2) remove the screw-on tripod attachments, 3) change tapes, 3) reattache the tripod attachement, and 5) reattach the camcorder to the tripod. It takes FAR too long. Another feature I use a lot is the fade. Instead of putting this feature on a button, it requires 5 steps on the...
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By MichaelAH - Apr 17, 2003

Bottom line, this is a great...

Strengths: Size - SO small and extremely portable Great outdoor video quality Comfortable to hold... once you get used to the controls

Weakness: Sound leaves a lot to be desired Low light video is marginal Cheezy plastic door covering the dv in/out

Bottom line, this is a great camera. If you are looking for something small that is easy to take anywhere, look no further... especially if you'll be doing the majority of your video outside. Video in good light is awesome. The ergonomics and controls of the camera take some getting used to, but once you have, it's great. If size and portability isn't a factor, you may want to go w/ the TRV27 -...
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By sclark900 - Oct 14, 2002

If you are looking for a small...

Strengths: Great video quality, easy to hold for a box style camcorder, easy to use, very small.

Weakness: cheap plastic cover for DV and AC input will likely break

If you are looking for a small mini DV camcorder be sure to check this model out. I have tried most of the mini box style camcorders and this one seems to fit my hand the best. The Carl Zeiss lense is fantastic and the vidoe quality super. Still pictures are reasonable at 1mega pixel, but I would suggest getting a seperate still camera for better photos. I was able to use 90% of the features...
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By rgwaz - Sep 24, 2002

I've just purchased Sony...

Strengths: Great features, easy to perate, and good picture quality.

Weakness: High price, poor tech support, still image upload problem...

I've just purchased Sony DCR-PC101, great size, great picture, and easy to operate by using the touch screen panel, but there is a big problm with uploading the still jpg images. I can't upload the still image from Sony memory stick as Sony manual instructed, but I can do it by using other brand memory stick reader. After several tests(tested with other PCs and memory stick readers), we believe...
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By Digifan - Aug 30, 2002

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