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Zoom Wide Angle-Telephoto AF 28-300mm f/3.5-6.3 XR Di LD Aspherical IF Macro Autofocus Lens for Canon EOS

Strengths: Good for the price paid.

Weakness: None found yet.

A great all-purpose lens, several of my Flickr friends have this lens and are all quite happy with it. Very good lens for the price. This lens gives a very clear picture at 300 even when enlarged. The Macro shots are clear and detailed. In a picture I recently took of my cat, you could see each whisker on her face and her coat was very detailed.

The versatility of the lens allows me to take landscape pictures, photos of hummingbirds in my yard, and photos of highrise buildings near where I work downtown. The digital images are sharp and the colors very rich.

It is compact, reasonably light and works very well as a single lens. Works very well for most all types of shots.

By *petunia* - Jun 9, 2008

Big Lens in a Small Package

Strengths: Good price,small,lightweight,great optics

Weakness: Fuzzy without lens stabilizer, and low light a little hard to focus.

Like some of the other reviews, I am also one that would like the original Canon Lens, but it's just to pricey, I was fortunate to be able to use one that belonged to my son-in-law on a recent trip to Hawaii, I have since purchased one for myself. It performed very well although I did have some fuzzy pictures, but tend to blame myself since I was just getting used to the lens. I was lucky that I remembered to bring a mono pod along which helped greatly when using it at the higher focal lengths, you just can't hand hold it still enough. Just remembering to squeeze the shutter release gently helps a lot, I found myself rushing some shots. All around very good lens for the price, and really a quality product.

By GaryMinehardt - Feb 22, 2008

Tamron 28-300mm Di Macro AF Lens for Canon EOS

Strengths: light weight, small size, good price

Weakness: hard to focus low-light situation, no image stabilizer.

I bought this lens for my first Digital SLR camera, Canon Rebel XT 350D. Canon 28-300mm lens just too much for me ($2100), and I was told Sigma 28-300mm lens have AF problem with canon camera (not confirmed). So seems this Tamron lens is my only choice. Over all, this is a very nice lens, everything I need for a beginner SLR camera. But it would be even nicer, if it has Image Stabilizer, since I have big time problem on camera shakes. Another thing is this lens had hard time to focus in low-light situation, just like they were complaining on Sigma lens in other reviews. I am not sure if I asking too much for this price.

By tedye - Jul 21, 2005

Great value, good performance

Strengths: Price, performance, good quality optics

Weakness: Clarity a little soft on the long end of lens

Probably like you, I cannot afford Canon lenses. So I look to Tamron and others to provide good optics and great value. The Tamron AF 28-300 performs very well, offering durability, reliable functionality and good to superior optics. At the low to mid-range on this lens, it packs great punch. Only at the long end does image quality suffer a bit, resulting in some picture softness. I'm not a nature photographer, so I don't mind. In fact, the softness adds a nice touch for certain long-lens, telephoto images! Want bang for your buck? Then this lens is for you.

By varchor - Mar 16, 2007

Great lens & Gift Idea

This lens was a great gift from my husband. I was thinking of buying the 70-300 lens but this one give more flexibility as it a wide-angle telephoto lens. I love the range and variation it gives. I would definitely recommend this lens to others.

By PRenee on Adorama - Jan 3, 2012

Versatile, Capable, Economical

This is an extraordinarily versatile lens that performs capably in 80% or more of most shooting situations. Its compact size, light weight and wide-to-zoom range make it a perfect lens for travel photography and other outdoor shooting. While considerably

By o5animal on Adorama - Dec 16, 2011

This is the lens that lives on my camera

I have been shooting bald eagles as they fly and fish on the Mississippi River. This lens has helped me to capture details I did not get with my kit lenses. It is a fast focusing zoom if used in the proper conditions, i.e. sunny days. I have also used thi

By Berg114 on Adorama - Feb 21, 2010

Very easy & enjoyable picture taking!!!

This lens was one of the best investments I could have made for my camera & everyone & everything around me who ends up in one of my shots. By all means, I'm no pro, but it has certainly made me look good in a lot of situations, whether on the run, wide

By Kyle, who always has that camera on Adorama - Jul 25, 2007

Versatile, quiet, sharp

I have been using this Tamron lens with my Canon 20D for nearly two years. It is my workhorse. Except when I need a wider angle it is nearly always on my camera. Wonderful for zooming to the action in sports, easy to carry all day, great for family photog

By gapk on Adorama - Aug 21, 2006

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