Reviews for Tamron A10 19 - 35 mm F/3.5 - 4.5 Auto Focus Wide Angle Zoom Lens

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I have to give this lens 3 stars...

Strengths: Price

Weakness: Image quality, Auto-Focus

I have to give this lens 3 stars because it is just okay - not terrible, not great - just okay.

I recently bought a Digital Rebel with the Cannon 18-55mm lens. My assumption was that the kit lens would suck, so at the same time, I purchased this Tamron 19-35mm lens. Well, I was very excited to get the Tamron lens and put it through its paces. I expected, for $180, that I would get a good (obviously not professional quality) lens that would embarass the cheapo Canon lens. But, my own fairly scientific tests revealed that the Canon lens, in most situations, is superior to the Tamron. Specifically, the Tamron has the following weaknesses:

1. Corner sharpness - even on the APS size Digital Rebel sensor, corner sharpness was not great.
2. Image saturation - it looks as though flare is washing the colors out.
3. Auto Focus accuracy - for some reason, the lens in conjunction with the Digital Rebel (I don't know which is the culprit) has a sloppy focus. It bounces around quite a bit and often doesn't even settle on the correct point - usually too far back. But, the Canon kit lens AF is dead on every time.

So, if you don't already have a wide angle, and your budget is limited, then this lens would be okay. But, if you have the option of using the Canon 18-55mm lens, or if you have $500.00 plus to spend, I recommend you pass on this lens.

By abeddes - Jul 16, 2004

Tamron Lens for Canon EOS.

Strengths: Price

Weakness: Focus

Adequate lens for most purposes like landscapes and exteriors. Shooting portraits with this lens on my Canon 10D was a differenet story. 30% of the shots had soft focus where the autofocus didn't properly examine the static subject. Even Tamron's web site says "..may be used for digital" telling me that maybe it's not quite the right lens for my 10D.

By anonymous; - Sep 13, 2005