Canon EF Adapter XL

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EF Adapter XL Allows you to use over 50 different Canon EF lenses on the XL-1. Simply mount the adapter between the XL-1 and an EOS lens and your capabilities are dramatically expanded. Potential focal range, from extreme wide to super telephoto , is 24mm to 17,280mm.


Product Title: Canon EF Adapter XL

Manufacturer: Canon

Power Score: 3.0 | 2 Reviews

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Ability to experiment

Being a student in photography, more as a hobby, i have found this an idigenious way to experiment will all the other canon lens I have. However I believe they may have limitations in application or the other hand you may discover new applications. If you

By VM on Adorama - Sep 4, 2011

Does no work for wide angles

Strengths: You could use EOS lenses

Weakness: Will be good only if you have lenses over 200mm because increases 4 times. but the 20 X lens that comes with XL2 already give a range between 42mm to more than 800mm

I was very excited to use my angular EOS lens on it. Does not work my 16mmto 35mm canon lens looks less wide than 16X that comes with my XL1S canon video cam I have. I felt I spent money for nothing.

By fancanon - May 26, 2006

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