Reviews for Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM Telephoto Zoom Lens

$1,109.50 - $2,584.47

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Canon 70-200mm F/4.0L IS USM

Strengths: Light weight and very sharp image

Weakness: Not F/2.8 and eat battery a lot

I was going to buy 70-200MM with F2.8, but the lens is really heavy and expensive. I care about weight more than anything else. I am a wedding photographer and I am woman, so I don't wan to carry the heavy lens for few hours. However, the previes 70-200MM with F4 didn't have a IS, so there was nothing I want to buy. When I Canon has new lens which is light weight and with F4, I bought the lens right away. I was still thinking that the lens has F2.8, but when I started useing this lens, I realized that I can go 1/30 with handhold because of IS and light weight. I want recomend this lens to everybody especially woman photographers!

By rieko1004 - Mar 22, 2007

Canon 70-200mm with Image Stabilization

Strengths: Incredible color, contrast, and resolution with the added benefit of image stabilization.

Weakness: It would be nice to have the 2.4 f stop but, for me, it's not worth the extra cost and weight.

I had the non-image stabilized verrsion of this lens but sold it because I couldn't shoot without a tripod at 200 mm at anything less than 1/250. I can now go down to 1/30 with no problem. Fantastic lens. One more reason to stay in the Canon camp.

By photogmom1 - Dec 26, 2006

Excellent lens at a great price

I do a lot of nature and wildlife photography and this lens is fast to focus and sharp as a tack. Didn't want to spend the money for the more expensive f2.8 as I rarely need the extra 2 stops for my work. Love it!

By magic marker on Adorama - Feb 13, 2012

Great lens for the price

I didn't want to spend the extra cash for the 2.8 lens... the f4.0 works just fine! Super sharp. You can't go wrong.

By magic marker on Adorama - Feb 9, 2012

Fast AF+ Tack sharp glass = Win!

One of the best in the Canon line-up!

By Dave on Adorama - Sep 19, 2011

Excellent Lens!

Paired with 7D, and recently with the EF 1.4x III. Great image quality. Bought for lower price / lighter weight. A really nice lens for carrying when hiking.

By Steve on Adorama - Mar 6, 2011

Wow says it all

Strengths: IS is amazing, best of all canon lens. Fast Focus, Great Colors, Sharp!

Weakness: Bit Bulky with the hood attached. Price.

If you like the zoom range then don't hesitate to get this lens. Its worth the upgrade over the regular 70-200 f4 even though its a lot more money. The IS is simply awesome.

By Piotr1 - Feb 11, 2007

Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L IS lens

Strengths: Light, compact, image stabilization

Weakness: 2x price comparte the non is version

i was use the non is version for half year then upgrade to this lens. it's a zoom lens. the is funtion is very helpful. and this one is a lot lighter than the f2.8 it's much easy to carry around.

By nelson714 - Dec 11, 2006

Canon 70-200mm f/4L IS USM

Strengths: Image Quality, Compact, Light, Image Stabilization, Share 67mm filters

Weakness: Cost, IS Noise

I had been looking to get the non-IS version of this lens but decided to spring for the one with Image Stabilization. If you're looking at this lens you've already done your research on Canon L lens build and image quality so I'll stick with the other intangibles. (especially for those who're going to buy this sight unseen)
The lens isn't really white - more of a dull metallic off-white/grey so it doesn't stand out as much as you'd think. The black rubber focussing and zoom rings are quite wide and take up most of the "white" space. The lens is a little longer at first sight but not as wide, so all in all it is not bulky. It sits VERY WELL in my hand (coupled with a EOS 30D). I also get to share the 67mm filters with my Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 and EF-S 17-85 IS.
The Image Stabilization motor on this lens is noisy. Unlike the 17-85 IS (and to some extent the 70-300mm IS - which I returned for this lens) you can clearly hear the IS working. I choose to use this as a 'feature' to provide audio verification of IS. (turn IS off when not needed)
The lens is in the same price range as the 70-200mm f/2.8L USM (so that may be another decision point), but for me, the lighter, Image Stabilized lens won out over the faster, bulkier, Non-IS lens.

By eniku40 - Dec 8, 2006

70-200 mm F4 IS

Strengths: Image Stabilization feature, small size, excellent image quality, very fast focus

Weakness: Cost

I have 70-200mm F4 non-IS lens for more than one year. It was my best image quality lens. I used it for portrait photography with excellent result. One downsize is that you have to use high ISO in order to obtain decent shutter speed for in door situation without flash. I just obtained the IS lens last week. From the outside appearance, it is very similar to the non-IS lens. I have done some comparison for these two lens. Image quality for IS lens is slightly better at 200 mm end, and the non-IS lens has slightly sharper image at 135 mm - 70mm. The best feature is the image stablization. I am able to get sharp image with 1/20 Sec 90% of time. Compared with non-IS lens, there is 3 stop advantage at 200mm and 2 stop advantage at 70mm. Image quality from both lens are excellent. With Nikon 5T close-up filter, you can get decent quality macro photos. It is also excellent outdoor portrait lens. It is highly recommended.

By xyliu - Dec 6, 2006

Canon 70-200mm f/4L IS USM

Strengths: 4-Stop IS. Sharpness wide open edge to edge over entire zoom range.

Weakness: None.

The 70-200 f/4L non-IS was my favorite for 2 years and I was reluctant to let it go but decided that I need IS. I am happy to report that the latest generation IS indeed works. I get sharp pictures 8 out of 10 times at 1/20 sec at 200mm (=4 stops for my 20D), and even a few at 1/8 sec (> 5 stops).
What I didn’t anticipate is the outstanding image quality even compared to my non-IS, which was razor sharp except at the longest end. The IS is stunningly sharp wide open, from corner to corner, from 70mm right through 200mm. At 70 and 105 mm, it is as sharp wide open as my 24-105 f/4L is at 5.6, but easily beats that lens in the corners.
Even the non-IS’s superb build quality was improved upon due to dust/moisture resistance. This seems to make the focus and especially zoom rings even more solidly smooth. Finally the price is reasonable to me considering that it is as if you had four prime lenses combined into one body.

By KPBara - Mar 16, 2007

70-200 f/4

Strengths: size, weight, IS, f4 across entire zoom range

Weakness: not f2.8

I received this wonderful lens for Christmas and have been taking animal and aquarium pictures with it this past week. The results are just beautiful! The lens is easy and confortable to hold by hand, even for extended periods of time. We also have the 100-400 IS f4.5-5.6, but I find that lens too heavy and long to hold comfortably in my hands for extended periods of time. The 70-200 f/4 is just right for my smaller, older hands, and the IS allows me to get beautiful photos that would otherwise be impossible for me without a tripod. The contrast it captures is excellent, even in very challenging light conditions. The lens also works well with my kenko 1.4 teleconvertor. I'm sure glad Santa thought I was good this past year!

By snowsnake - Dec 29, 2006

Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L IS lens

Strengths: Light, compact, image stabilization, exceptional quality.

Weakness: Filter size of 67mm different from usual 77mm of many canon zooms.

I bought this new 70-200mm f/4L IS lens to take the place of my much heavier and larger 70-200mm f/2.8 IS L lens when I want to lighten up my load when hiking in the field. On my 1Ds Mk II, I find the quality of this smaller lens to be similar to its larger brother and I don't have a problem giving up a few f stops to save weight and size. I'll still keep the 2.8 for low light applications like inside a church when flash is not permitted or for indoor and/or nighttime sports.

By drdavis - Nov 6, 2006

The most useful zoom gets better

Strengths: Image Stabalization (IS), sharpness, contrast, color rendition, light weight

Weakness: price a little bit high, white color

70-200mm covers the most useful range of photography in my opinion. Previously, there were three versions of 70-200mm zooms from Canon: F4, F2.8 and F2.8 IS. In order to get the IS, many people had no choice but to get the F2.8 IS, despite being nearly twice as heavy and three time more expensive. Within weeks after getting my F4 zoom, I traded it for the F2.8 IS because I found myself constantly struggling to keep up with shutter speed of 1/200 second or more at the long end.
Now the new F4 IS zoom weighs about the same as the F4 with almost the identical physical dimension. The IS enables me to shoot as slow as 1/30 second. I found it as least as sharp as my F2.8 IS. It is such a joy to use the new lens after years of lugging around the heavier and bulkier F2.8 IS. The F4, which is too slow for most indoor sports, is perfect for outdoor sports, casual shootings in parks and schools, parties and vacations, portrait and landscape. $500 price premium over the non-IS F4 version is hard to forget initially, but it is worthwhile in my opinion. For $500 more, you can get the F2.8 IS. It is always debatable as to which IS version to buy. There is no good answer unless you purchase both IS lenses.

By realshopmaster - Feb 28, 2007

IS works !!

Strengths: 1. Less weight than other 3 versions 2. IS (4 stops) 3. Weather-sealed 4. Sharp

Weakness: 1. No tripod ring 2. Different filter size means you need to buy more filters. 3. Expensive

This is my first white lens from Canon and I am very satisfied with it. The weight is light, the color is beautiful and real, and the sharpness is amazing.

This 4th 70-200mm in the Canon series (other three are f/2.8IS, f/2.8, and f/4) is the most updated one. The long-waited IS feature with f/4 is now available at about five hundred dollars more with just a little bit more added weight to the 70-200mm f/4.

Upon testing, I found the IS feature really works well. I can now shoot 200mm with 1/50 or less easily (without tripod). If it doesn't have IS, I am sure all my pictures will look blurry.

The new lens also features weather-seal, which prevents dust and water coming into the lens. When you pair it with the same featured body, you will have a fully-sealed gear.

By bluejeff - May 17, 2007

A great lens.

I am very satisfied with this purchase. This lens seems to be much sharper than my 24-105 and nails focus. The IS is somewhat noisy but not that big of a deal to me. The size is good but being white it is definitely not discreet. I used it indoors at my n

By Jim on Adorama - May 28, 2013

great item

i changed my Minolta system on Canon and bought this lens instead of my Minolta 70-210 f4 lens. the Canon lens faster and look great.

By stanislav10 on Adorama - Sep 4, 2011

Super sharp

I always check out a new lens to see if it needs any in-camera micro adjustment to the autofocus. I compared it to my 24-105 which has always been very sharp. The 70-200 is even sharper, so I'm quite happy. The only negative is that the IS motor is louder than my 24-105 and I wouldn't have expected that.

By Jon on Adorama - Aug 13, 2013

Worth the money

This is a great all around lens. I can photograph kids and families outside with no problem. Definitely worth the money and a great addition to my equipment list.

By Jen on Adorama - Jun 26, 2013

fast delivery

perfect for my needs

By Boguslaw on Adorama - May 22, 2013

A good buy

Love using this for wildlife photography

By Rocks on Adorama - May 20, 2013

Great buy. Cheapest at Adorama.

photograph birds. excellent clarity. No soft focus issues at 200mm or even 400mm (with teleconverter). compared it with the sigma HSM 70-200 F2.8 lens that i have used for over 10 years and find this lens to be a lot better in every respect. cons:Auto foc

By ska on Adorama - Apr 30, 2013

Absolutely in love with this lens.

What I love about this lens: * Solid construction. * Optical image stabilization and weather sealing * Lightweight * wonderful bokeh. What I didn't like: * Canon should include the tripod mount with the lens. Other lens manufacturers include them (like Si

By Seeing Digitally on Adorama - Apr 23, 2013

I would highly recommend this lens.

The image stabilization is a little noisey, other than that it is a great lens and whole lighter than f/2.8 and almost as sharp!

By Tomrock on Adorama - Apr 23, 2013

Polo comes to life !!!!!

Used this lens to photograph polo matches. Great for outdoor sports. quick focus, great borkeh, wonderfull color, 4 stop IS freezes action hand holding at high shutter speeds. Sold 70-200 f4 none IS bought this and couldn'd be happier.

By bwitt photography on Adorama - Apr 4, 2013

Great bang for the buck

Light weight L with IS, this is great for my outdoor shots. I can carry it all day. Fast focus, sharp...

By AL on Adorama - Mar 26, 2013

Excellent image quality, portable

I have just had this lens a short time but am very pleased thus far. Spent months debating whether to get this or the EF 70-200mm F/2.8 IS II. We tried out the bigger lens twice and it just seemed too big and heavy for me to carry all day, even though I h

By DCM1024 on Adorama - Mar 26, 2013

Great lens, not great focus

I really like the lens and its built, I'm just not 100% happy with some of its areas of focus. At some of it corners it just won't focus well.

By Lu on Adorama - Mar 20, 2013

Just A Phenomenal Lens

I couldn't believe it when I opened the box. Great packaging and a really great experience holding it for the first time and attaching it to my 7D. I was going to get the 5D but decided to put the money into lens. I certainly wasn't disappointed with this

By justmaybe on Adorama - Mar 19, 2013

Even Used, its a superb zoom

On a 1.6x crop CCD, this lens may feel clausterphobic at times and is almost useless for portrait or indoor; for outdoor and wildlife, its exceptional. This lens brought me closer to some extraordinary wildlife and has helped produce some of my finest sho

By Daniel M. on Adorama - Mar 19, 2013

Buy it from ADORAMA

Save you're time and buy it , I read a lot of reviews about it every where , such a superb lens i can tell you as a user it wont let you down unless you can afford more for 2.8 version ... Why ADORAMA !! I bought 1 which later i discover it was a defectiv

By Aziz on Adorama - Mar 7, 2013

Best Image Quality from the 70-200 line

There are lenses and there are great lenses. This is one from the latter category. Amazing picture quality, great color reproduction, very sharp and beautiful bokeh. Advantages: * Legendary L-series quality. * Carries the most advanced IS drive to date fr

By Johany on Adorama - Feb 5, 2013

nice lens

The auto focus is very quick. the stabilizer works but not as good as i had hoped. i do not believe i am getting 4 stops out of it. that is just my opinion. it works well but 200 is not quite enough to shoot wildlife in alot of cases.

By butch on Adorama - Jan 22, 2013

One of the BEST..!

Best Q zoom lens I know of, considering ease of use. My 2nd in 5 years. New one sharper than first, got lucky. Bokeh could be somewhat better, but it's not f/2.8... Light weight outweighs the small draw back. Works well even with the EF 1.4x III. Can be u

By Silver Wolf on Adorama - Jan 17, 2013

Simply the best lens and must have.

Use this lens for shooting both indoor and outdoor portrait, landscape and sports. I've been able to achieve outstanding results! Beautiful action shots in low light.

By Baha007 on Adorama - Jan 2, 2013

Great lens for the weight

This lens is a great addition to my kit. The f4 lower limit makes it harder to use indoors with available light however I use it primarily outdoors. The lens is great on my 7d. I currently have the 17-55mm EF-S lens on most of the time but for extra reach

By Austin on Adorama - Dec 13, 2012

Excellent Product!

Before buying the Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L, I also considered the EF 70-200mm f/2.8L but finally decided for the f/4 for the following reasons: [a] The f/4 is quite close to the f/2.8 in terms of Image quality [b] it has the same high built quality of Canon

By Jack the Frips on Adorama - Oct 12, 2012


L-Series Canon - What more could I say?

By The Lister on Adorama - Sep 29, 2012

Unbelievable quality!

I just could not believe how good is the image quality with this lens. Amazing! Very sharp images so full of information/details. Build quality is suberb. Very solid and reliable. I just wish they could focus closer to the subject, but I know this type of

By Eduardo Nakamura on Adorama - Aug 23, 2012

Great images-but let's you down suddenly

The lens is photographically great however the built quality / inner design is likely weak and seems to have flaws. I have purchased this lens 4 years ago from Adorama as downgrade for my f/2.8 IS mark one lens as it's way more portable and I don't shoot

By Jan on Adorama - Aug 9, 2012

I'm very suprise and satisfy

I was hesitate beetween the 70 200 mm L4 IS and the 70 200 mm L2.8 and I'm very happy with tis lens

By Ledup on Adorama - Aug 6, 2012

Great Pictures in a Lightweight Lens


By Joe's Photos on Adorama - Aug 2, 2012

Wow- phenomenal

I have gone through a progression of lenses starting with the Tamron 70-300, the Canon 70-300 IS USM & now this one, & each has been better but the contrast, sharpness & bokeh of this L lens is outstanding. Since I usualy shoot at the races ( horse ) the

By Syncopate on Adorama - Jul 10, 2012

Am inpressed with this lens.

I use this lens for landscape/wildlife photography and for candids. It is great in low light and I am still exploring with it.

By Maggie on Adorama - Jul 2, 2012

Excellent product.

The Canon f2.8 is better for low light and indoor sports but for almost twice the cost. This is a good lense for the cost knowing its limitations is key to good photos. I also use the Canon 1.4 and 2x extenders. I like the 1.4 since auto focus will still

By Avant Garde Photography on Adorama - Jun 4, 2012

Simply amazing ...

This is my first Canon "L" lens, but it definitely won't be my last. Performance is simply amazing. The AF is super quick and quiet and the IS function makes hand-held captures with this lens a breeze.I recently took some closeup floral shots and the resu

By waterfixer on Adorama - May 26, 2012

Poor Sharpness and Focus Failures

Maybe I should not have ordered the "refurbished by Canon" unit from Adorama, but I was convinced by other reviewers that this would be a great travel and landscape lens. I could not have been more wrong! On my 5DII I have never seen anything close to the

By Dis Appointed on Adorama - May 23, 2012

Great lens for Sports.

Don't waste your money on the F2.8 IS. This lens is sharper and lighter did I mention its 1/2 the price. I have owned the f2.8 IS and its also great but way too heavy and not as sharp. A must have for any Canon pro.

By Ahvaio on Adorama - May 11, 2012

Fantastic lens!

I couldn't be happier with this lens. I use it to shoot weddings on a regular basis and I am never disappointed. It is fast and the image quality is outstanding. I know it is the F4 model but that doesn't really matter. It is lighter and smaller than the

By stevecam1 on Adorama - Apr 23, 2012

Great piece of glass

I have been playing with this lens for some weeks now and the strongest part are the exceptional image stabilizer, and its ability to take super sharp pictures at all focal lengths, even wide open at 4. I got best results doing outdoor and sports photogr

By DrZ on Adorama - Apr 2, 2012

Favorite Lens

This lens stays on my camera most of the time, usually with the Canon 1.4 teleconverter. I take photos of birds and other wildlife as well as macro shots of flowers and butterflies, etc. I am very pleased with the sharpness and Bokeh this lens produces. W

By Virginia on Adorama - Mar 12, 2012



By BJ on Adorama - Mar 10, 2012

SHARP zoom at a great price

This is one of the sharpest zooms I have ever used. I know several photographers who use this lens and swear by it, but an article by the outstanding outdoor/wildlife photographer, Art Wolfe, swayed me to buy it. In his article, Art states that this is on

By DR of VT on Adorama - Mar 5, 2012

Better than I expected

I just got this product about a week ago and have not had the chance to get outside and really put it to use. I have used it primarily just experimenting indoors under low light hand held, on a monopod and tripod. I have also used it to photograph my 4 ye

By Dave on Adorama - Mar 5, 2012

So Far so good.

Works fine so far with minimal use.

By Randy on Adorama - Feb 27, 2012

A great lens

I got this lens about 2 weeks ago and couldn't be happier. First off, I ordered a used lens with a D grade. The lens was in such great shape I honestly thought they sent me a brand new one by mistake. Upon its first use I noticed a large improvement in my

By aglaaluk on Adorama - Feb 20, 2012

Two for Two were Defective

I received first lens and it had an extremely noisy Image Stabilizer. The lens was replaced with a second lens with the same problem. I spoke to Canon Tech Service and let them listen to the noise. They agreed that it was not right and suggested a possibl

By lang on Adorama - Feb 13, 2012

I love this lens

I love this lens. I often hike with this being the only lens I take along. With a full frame body, I rarely need wider than 70mm and when I do, I take two or three 70mm shots (portrait) and stitch them together later. I do sometimes wish I had the brighte

By Hclarkx on Adorama - Jan 23, 2012

Good L lens for that extra reach.

I use this primarily as a telephoto lens. This lens has a fluorite element that makes really sharp pictures especially if you use a full frame camera. Produces nice bokeh for your portraits. One of Canon's best lenses.

By klikk1 on Adorama - Jan 23, 2012

Love this lens

This lens was everything I hoped it to be. I knew I wasn't purchasing a 2.8 fast lens and this is definitely the next best thing.

By grdpapa on Adorama - Jan 16, 2012

The most used lense in my photography.

I spend a lot of my time in the marshes and wetlands of South Louisiana documenting the BP oil spill and photographing the effects of the oil on the environment. This is probably one of the most used lenses when I'm shooting the marsh and wildlife affecte

By PJ on Adorama - Jan 10, 2012

Great lens

Focuses fast and accurate. IS is great. pricy, but worth it.

By Dan on Adorama - Dec 19, 2011

Great lens for sports

I use it for college baseball day games with the 2X doubler, and for wildlife, birds, and big game. While it is heavy, the tripod mount balances well with my Canon 5D Mk II for a killer combo! I do not use it as often as I would like, but I will not part

By BlackDog Photography on Adorama - Dec 5, 2011

Reason to stay in Canon, if you need one

I can hardly find a real "con" out of this lens. Maybe the price tag. But until now, this lens is unique, reliable, lightweight and producing fantastic images. I have to buy a lens mug to accompany it with me even when I'm not using it.

By C. on Adorama - Nov 21, 2011

Great buy

A beautiful lens with fast autofocus. Great for outdoor use but not so great in low light but the image stabalizer helps if you do need to use it at a low shutterspeed, works well at 1/50th but have even got sharp images at 1/20th. The lens is a lot light

By Paul on Adorama - Nov 16, 2011

My first Canon L-series lens is a winner

I have always enjoyed shooting w/telephoto zoom lenses on Canon film slr's. I now shoot almost exclusively in digital. I particularly like the not-so-intrusive reach a telephoto zoom offers. Great for candids. The Canon EF 70-200mm f/4.0L IS USM lens is m

By Desert Rat on Adorama - Oct 31, 2011

Awesome lens!

My first L series lens does not disappoint! Absolutely fantastic! Beautiful images! This is the F4 version and I haven't used the very popular F2.8 version. I would have like to have gotten that one but a bit out of my budget. This lens is not too heavy a

By Stevecam1 on Adorama - Oct 24, 2011

Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM

I am a working pro with over 20 years experiance. For my own uses (wedding, portrait, fashion, studio,commercial) I selected this OVER the 70-200 2.8 Canon, as a sugnificant amount of my shooting is wedding coverage, and carrying that huge 2.8 zoom, for a

By Jagmaster on Adorama - Oct 17, 2011

Excellent Lens IS Makes a real diff.

I've had this lens for a short time. It really lives up to the reviews I read. For the money expended it was really worth it. Very clear pics. Can be hand held because of the IS. Like all the L series is definitely well constructed. Can't wait to use it o

By Joker573 on Adorama - Oct 14, 2011

Spring for the 2.8L.....

I bought this and quickly had buyers remorse....I should have sprung for the 2.8L. I ended up trading this in to Adorama for the 2.8L. I took a bath on the trade but needed the extra speed to photograph indoor college tennis.

By Fuj on Adorama - Oct 10, 2011


WOW! That is all I can say. This lens is SO sharp it will cut paper! Beautiful Bokeh, especially at 200mm. I tested mine with the "pixel peeper" method at 3:1 zoom at every aperture. It is sharpest from f/4 to around f/11, gets soft after that, but still

By CS3 on Adorama - Oct 3, 2011

Staple Lens for any Photographer

This is the first lens I bought as a professional photographer, and it is still my favorite lens. The price was great at the time I purchased for the quality of the lens. I use it for portraiture, landscape, wildlife, pets, travel, & kids that are comfort

By Karmic Images on Adorama - Sep 8, 2011


Great quality lens. Best for wildlife photography. Gives a good range on my 50D. I do miss the extra stop now and then...low light can be a challenge handheld, even with the IS, but the price difference between this and the f2.8 is substantial.

By Kevin on Adorama - Sep 5, 2011

This lens is superb but co$tly.

Wow. After having read constant praise of this lens, I have to agree--it is sharp, beautiful bokeh, a masterpiece.But in using it my daily life, I found it a bit too heavy, I need a 300mm zoom for my zoo animals, the IS (though fabulous) depleted the batt

By Patrick on Adorama - Sep 4, 2011

I'd like to try it on 5D

Verry nice glass, you won't go wrong.

By Greg on Adorama - Sep 4, 2011

Love this lens

I chose this over the 2.8 version for one reason: weight. This lens is 1.2 pounds lighter, and for me that mattered a lot -- I carry it with me more than I would the 2.8. And to paraphrase the old line about cameras, what's the best lens? The one you have

By BassImages on Adorama - Sep 4, 2011

Outstanding lens, would buy again

my 24-105 mm zoom and this are my favorite walking around lenses.

By Ike on Adorama - Sep 4, 2011

Sharp, but front-focuses.

Excellent lens with smooth controls and quick focus. Ruggedly built and not too heavy. However, my copy front focuses a small amount when I get near infinity and it will need to be calibrated. I don't think this is too big of an issue because there are va

By HarryO on Adorama - Mar 29, 2011

Worth every penny!

I used this lens paired with the new Canon 7D and was not disappointed. Excellent in low light and super fast autofocus. I'm looking forward to using this combo outdoors for shooting sports.

By Fuj on Adorama - Mar 6, 2011

Great Lens

I chose the f/4.0 over the f/2.8 because of cost (approx half) and weight. Since I'm not as steady as I used to be and I like to take outdoor/wildlife photos the IS feature is more important than the larger aperture opening. The f/4.0 IS and F2.8 non IS a

By TrumpetSprint on Adorama - Feb 25, 2011

Excellent for L Glass

I like to use this lens for surf photography. Excellent weight with IS when you are climbing over the jetty rocks!! Consistent beautiful pictures. Tack sharp Not that fast at sunset..but than again it is not an F/2.8 and I knew that going in...

By Terrylee9 on Adorama - Jan 12, 2011

Great Lens

I bought this lens over the 2.8, due to price and weight. I am happy with the decision to go with this one, because most of my work are during daylights, so the F4 doesn't really slow me down much. The weight itself is a big plus when lugging the camera a

By Neil on Adorama - Nov 8, 2010

Zoom Lens Review

Auto focus and Manual focus work well. I might have bought more zoom than this lens.

By John the Hunter on Adorama - Aug 22, 2010

Fantastic Lens

I use this lens as my main all-purpose lens because I enjoy taking closeups. This lens works well with my Canon T2i indoors without flash. A very versatile lens that produces great image quality. I just wish that it had wide angle capabilities. That would

By Ojisan on Adorama - Aug 9, 2010

Sharp . . . and light!!!

This thing is sharp and FAST!!! I was looking for a walkabout lens with a little bit of stand-off and reach --- I FOUND IT!!![...]

By mata_ko on Adorama - Jun 20, 2010

Excellent lens!

Expensive, but worth it. Well balanced with 50D, 7D or larger camera. Sometimes it gets too much attention due to its color and size.

By djj on Adorama - Jun 1, 2010

Sharp, very sharp

My main interest is in equestrian (show jumping) and this is the perfect lens for that (on a 7D). Very sharp and fast focus. Light but sturdy, weather sealed. F4 is giving great background blurring and is sufficintly fast for most conditions (if you can a

By Mr. Dominique on Adorama - May 23, 2010

Everything I expected

I purchased the lens to replace a 70-200 f 2.8 that I have been using for a number of years. The f 4 has a considerable weight advantage. It is much lighter and easier to handle. And, as the newer cameras do such a marvelous job at the higher ISOs, the o

By Art on Adorama - Apr 11, 2010

An absolute winner

Currently shooting with an EOS 7D and this lens is a great match. The weight and balance when shooting without support is very good and the images are great.

By Sedona Tracker on Adorama - Mar 22, 2010

Well worth the price.

I did my homework before buying this product. It has met all my expectations. Canon "L" lenses are the best in my mind. My only dislike is the cost being very high. In some cases, I think Canon should include more of the basic accessories.

By dof on Adorama - Feb 21, 2010

great multi purpose lens

Real fine lens as I expected from a Canon L series lens....this has been my workhorse for both pics of grandkids and wildlife....paired with my canon 7d, it is an unbeatable combo

By ruffnready on Adorama - Feb 3, 2010

Excellent lens

Too many compliments to list - in a nutshell, an excellent lens in all regards, with special emphasis on sharpness.

By lenswork on Adorama - Jan 12, 2010

Worth the price.

This lens provides exceptional resolution throughout the range. It does make a little noise from the IS but to me it is not noisy. It lets me know that the IS is working. The auto-focus is quick. I have used a different brand for my DSLR life, but switchi

By Tony on Adorama - Jan 10, 2010

Excellent lens for portrait & low light

Great lens for low light candid photographs

By deathm67 on Adorama - Jan 10, 2010

sharp photos!

My first "L" lens, I begin to get the picture. There is a parallel between quality equipment and results, stir in knowledge,money, and time.

By Jack on Adorama - Jan 10, 2010

Good lens, best for weight

if you need a good performance per weight - take this one

By evgeshag on Adorama - Oct 20, 2009

W/ Performance & quality justifies price

This is my first upgrade to L series and am not disappointed with the lens performance and high quality of pictures. Am glad I purchased one with IS, a great feature especially zooming to 200 mm without tripod

By Leo on Adorama - Sep 29, 2009

Very Sharp, very light

Had f4 70-200, not impressed with sharpness. Traded for this lens, v. quick focus, ext sharp at f 5.6 and better, great light backpacking lens, usual "L" features. Great color, contrast. Cons: because of construction and color, too conspicuous for wedding

By Kase on Adorama - Sep 26, 2009

It's an awsome lens

I use it for landscape photos. It's autofocus is very quick and acurate. Hvae not had a chance to use for night photography yet. I's a little on the heavy side but it's worth it. It takes a litlle getting use to the focus and zoom rings. I bought to repla

By Speedo on Adorama - Sep 4, 2009

Great lens

Very sharp pictures with great color and range, and easy to use.

By Zephyr on Adorama - Sep 2, 2009

Best Telephoto Zoom Lens

Bestcovery experts have rated the Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 L IS USM Lens for Canon Digital SLR Cameras as a best pick for the Best Telephoto Zoom Lens. Bestcovery's experts recommend the best products and services for a particular need based on extensive research and evaluations. Click below to see Bestcovery's full review of this product.
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Canon EF 70-200mm f/4.0L IS USM has collected 15 expert reviews for Canon EF 70-200mm f/4.0L IS USM and the average expert rating is 82 of 100. The average score reflects the expert community’s view on this product. Click below and use to see all ratings, product awards and conclusions.
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By - Nov 4, 2008

Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM

The Canon EF 70-200mm f/4.0 L USM Lens is a solid build but light in weight (705 grams) “L” Lens, as compare to Canon EF 70-200 f/2.8 L Lens, and Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS II USM Lens.Canon EF 70-200mm f/4.0 L USM Lens combines professional design with optical quality. Canon EF 70-200mm f/4.0 L USM Lens has 8-blade aperture , which opens at constant f/4 at all focal length ranges,...
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By - May 5, 2011

Pros and Cons of Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM Telephoto Zoom Lens

PROS:Image stabilizer, Quiet auto-focus mechanism. CONS:Large dimensions. REVIEW:Designed for the Canon EOS line of SLR cameras, the EF 70-200mm Telephoto Zoom lens incorporates a four-stop image stabilizer with two distinct modes that allow for crisp, perfect freeze-frames while holding the camera steady or even taking a picture while panning horizontally. Focusing with the lens can either be...
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By - Aug 3, 2011