Canon PSC-4000 Deluxe Soft Case for Camera

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The PSC-4000 Deluxe Leather Case for Canon SX10IS Digital Camera.

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Cover Material: Leather

Color: Black


Product Title: Canon PSC-4000 Deluxe Soft Case for Camera

Manufacturer: Canon

Power Score: 1.7 | 6 Reviews

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Protect my toy rsrs

By db on Adorama - Jan 17, 2013

Deluxe Fitted Case"doesn't match camera

I purchased a Canon G12 in a bundle which included a case that was touted as specifically designed for the G12. The case in no way resembles the configuration of this camera, and it is presumed to be the wrong product for the Canon G12. camera.

By Fotophred on Adorama - May 30, 2012

doesnt work for the G12 at all

not at all useful

By EJ on Adorama - Dec 12, 2011

Poor fit.

Would not buy it.

By Retired on Adorama - Sep 11, 2011

Don't buy this bag

This bag isn't any good. Nothing fits but the camera. You can't even carry spare batteries. It has loops in the back for your belt, which are impractical. No clips for a shoulder strap. I got mine, looked at it, put it back in the packaging and there it

By MarkD60 on Adorama - Jun 26, 2010

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