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Baby jumpers Buying Guides

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Doorway jumpers and stationary activity jumpers require babies to sit upright. Weight and height maximums vary, so check your owner's manual. To use one, your baby must be able to hold her head upright unassisted (at around 6 months of age), but not be able to climb out of the product or walk.

Doorway jumpers

These are models with a seat connected to a bungee-like cable or cables that attach to the top of the door frame with a spring-loaded clamp. Some doorway jumpers feature a fabric seat with a built-in frame that surrounds a child, while others have a solid, external molded play tray that encircles the baby, with rubberized sides that act as bumpers to protect your baby from crashing into woodwork (and the woodwork, too, from getting nicked or chipped). Jumpers usually lack seat belts, which is something to keep in mind, even though the baby is fairly well contained in the seat. For these reasons, we think there are plenty of other, safer alternatives to help your baby work off energy and enjoy playtime, including a stationary activity jumper or stationary activity center.

Stationary activity jumper

This type of jumper is one safer alternative to a doorway jumper to help your baby work off energy and enjoy playtime. Some models look much like a stationary activity center, but with a springier seat and a raised platform for a little lift-off. Others have a seat attached to a stationary stand with enclosed springs. Another type suspends the seat from an overhead cable attached to a stand rather than using cables at the corners. Stationary jumpers with cables that extend from the corners of the seat to an independent low stand (typically about 30 to 42 inches tall) make the door frame unnecessary. Models with cables at the corners rather than a single overhead cable eliminate the potential for the jumper to crash into the jumper frame and possibly tip it.

We think using a stationary model with a sturdy stand is much safer than hanging a free-swinging jumper from a doorway. The stand eliminates the potential hazard of a doorway jumper clamp slipping off the door frame. Stationary activity jumpers typically accommodate babies up to 25 pounds and 30 to 32 inches, depending on the model.

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