From the Mines to the Streets : A Bolivian Activist's Life

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From the Mines to the Streets draws on the life of Felix Muruchi to depict the greater forces at play in Bolivia and elsewhere in South America during the last half of the twentieth century. It traces Felix from his birth in an indigenous family in 1946, just after the abolition of bonded labour, through the next sixty years of Bolivia's turbulent history. As a teenager, Felix followed his father into the tin mines before serving a compulsory year in the military, during which he witnessed the 1964 coup d'etat that plunged the country into eighteen years of military rule. He returned to work in the mines, where he quickly rose to become a union leader. The reward for his activism was imprisonment, torture, and exile. After he came home, he participated actively in the struggles against neoliberal governments, which led in 2006othe year of his sixtieth birthdayoto the inauguration of Evo Morales as Bolivia's first indigenous president. The authors weave Muruchi's compelling recollections with contextual commentary that elucidates Bolivian history. The combination of an unforgettable life story and in-depth text boxes makes this a gripping, effective account, destined to become a classic sourcebook.

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Product Title: From the Mines to the Streets : A Bolivian Activist's Life

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