Pink Panty Stories: Sissy Runaway Baby Doll and 7 Other Adult Baby Girl Diaper Stories


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Pink Panty Stories Seven stand-alone adult baby stories of crossdressing, feminization, and sissies wearing panties and diapers. As well as spanking, enemas, and pegging. A Tough Guy's New Life Tough guy Jerry thinks he can handle Cybil -- until she puts him into baby girl pink ruffled panties. Jerry's kind of woman -- hot and rich. And she perfects her feminization and babyfication training on Jerry. But he surprises himself at nice it feels to let Cybil take over his life, using crossdressing to convert him into an adult baby girl. Easter Sissy Girl This Easter the bunny doesn't bring Johnny Easter eggs -- he wants to wear panties and diapers. Although 18 years old, Johnny doesn't want to adjust to the adult world. He envies real little girls. They get all the attention. Sissy New Life She hates all males, forcing Sammy to dress as a little girl. Sammy lives an ordinary life until his father dies, and his friend places he and Eileen with her. Who doesn't allow anybody with a penis on her property. Sissy Baby Girl: For Rent by Wife Paul walks out on his wife one time too many, and winds up a sissy adult baby girl she rents out. Although unemployed, Paul drinks up the money his wife earns at work. And cheats on him. So she makes a desperate phone call to a special service for wives of abusive men. Paul doesn't realize he doesn't meet Sybille at the Daze Inn by accident -- until she puts him into pink panties and diapers. Sissy Flower Girl The flower girl at his own wedding! Although never a big, strong macho man, Derek celebrates tomorrow's wedding to a beautiful woman. However, at his bachelor party the night before, Derek gets so drunk his best man dumps Derek with the bride and her friends. They dress Derek as his own flower girl, and take turns pegging him -- the bride first, naturally. Sissy White Baby Angel Although born with the devil in him, ruffled panties transform Big Joey into a sweet angel. At fourteen he shoots a rival crack dealer and goes to reform school. Upon release he returns to drug dealing, until he picks up a gorgeous though mysterious woman in a bar. She promises to bring out his inner angel. After she gives him a special designer drug to transform his sexuality, Big Joey realizes he finally encounters trouble he can not handle. Sissy Runaway Baby Doll Cass gets hired for an ideal job -- letting two young women play with him as their very own live baby doll. At 18, Cass lives with two beautiful sexy women, 18 and 19. Yet they want to treat him like their childhood dolls -- dress him in frilly pink clothes, pink panties, and diapers. They steal his boy clothes and burn them. During the night, he sleeps in the same bed with both of them, and they insist on playing naughty games. All 7 of the above short stories sell separately on this site for $2.99 each. So to buy them all separately costs you $20.93 total. Now you get all 7 in one volume, for only $5.99, a savings of $14! Therefore, scroll up, and click the buy button & get started today! Because you want to join all these guys as they learn to appreciate the joy of wetting their panties and diapers with naughty. 45,000 words total. Warning! Extreme adult baby content: age play, diapers, enemas, pegging, gangbang pegging, crossdressing, female domination, spanking, loss of toilet training, panties, diapers, feminization, babyfication, sissyfication. Male humiliation to the max. 18 and older only!

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Product Title: Pink Panty Stories: Sissy Runaway Baby Doll and 7 Other Adult Baby Girl Diaper Stories

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