Jeff Bezos Business Genius of Amazon.Com

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Enslow Publishers, Inc. brings you a new series about the heroes of the high-tech revolution. These are biographies exploring the lives and careers of important figures in the world of computers and technology. The technology is explained in simple terms that make it easy for readers to understand and the lives and personalities of the figures are explored to add interest to the story. An exciting blend of technology and human interest for an elementary and middle school audience. These titles include a chronology, a glossary, chapter notes, a further reading list, Internet addresses, and an index.Jeff Bezos's charismatic personality and work ethic shine through in this biography by Judy Garty. Beginning with his childhood and early work experience, the author explores the birth of the online bookstore and the man who created it in his home's garage. Through hard work and constant improvements, Bezos strove to make his company the best.

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Product Title: Jeff Bezos Business Genius of Amazon.Com

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