Interactive Group Counseling and Therapy


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The premise of this book is that group counseling is not individual counseling; and what works for the former likely won't work for the latter. It's a fresh new introduction to the principles, theories and procedures of group counseling and therapy. It's written to show how group work really works, and ensures readers an understanding of how to create and maintain a group environment that actually succeeds in helping its members achieve significant growth and change. It emphasizes unique group processes and a systemic perspective, asserting that the quality of members' interactions is the critical determinant of a group's progress. It addresses all of the essential tasks in planning, conducting, and concluding groups. Other topics include teaching essential membership skills, how to teach group members interaction skills to assist them in personal growth and the process of becoming an effective leader. For professionals in the field of group counseling.

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Product Title: Interactive Group Counseling and Therapy

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Interactive Group Counseling and Therapy (English)

Strengths: Excellent book-clearly written from a practitioner and educators perspective. Practical and insightful examples provided

Weakness: Could expand on Diversity and Multicultural issues in counseling

Excellent book-an essential reading for anyone seeking excellent material on group leadership. The book is clearly written by a practitioner who provides several clinical examples through out the text. The theoretical sections are also well blended with clinical examples making this text a good resource for serious group workers

By Atish - Apr 22, 2006

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