Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Kick & Crawl Discovery Gym

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Product Title: Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Kick & Crawl Discovery Gym

Manufacturer: Fisher-Price

Lowest Price: $29.95 from VMInnovations

Power Score: 3.6 | 19 Reviews

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Infant Likes It

Our 3 month old son really seems to like this. We are using it in the position where he can lay flat and have the toys hanging down. The toys are at the perfect height where he can reach them when he bats his arms at them but not low enough were they are almost touching is body. He is also able to kick the ball hanging by his feet. This was easy to assemble and I easy to take apart to wash. I...
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By AMSM on Fisher-Price_Reviews - Oct 26, 2013

Awesome toy!

I have now used this for two kids! Both my babies loved it! My daughter started using it when she was a couple months old on her back and for tummy time! As she began to sit up she would sit an play with te hanging toys and ball. When she began to crawl, we made it into the tunnel and she again had a ton of fun. Now with my second who is 3 months old we have begun to use it for play time on his...
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By Samanthapaige0 on Fisher-Price_Reviews - Jan 27, 2013

It's okay if you buy it from a thrift store

I found this item at the thrift store because we could not afford to pay 32.00 for a product like this. It was love at first sight for my 3 month old. It held his interest for the first 30 minutes and then later again for another 30 minutes. But he does seem to grown bored with it rather quickly. It was pretty durable, easy to clean. But if I paid 32.00 for this I would really be disappointed....
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By jbnewton on Fisher-Price_Reviews - Sep 22, 2011

My son hated it

We bought this for my son and he wouldn't use it. He had absolutely no interest in it at all. We gave it away because no one would buy it.

By mama0911 on Fisher-Price_Reviews - Sep 11, 2011

Slightly Disappointed

My child does enjoy her time with this mat. The material is soft and the colors are bright. Regardless, I am disappointed and was surprised to see many much more positive reviews. I received this as a shower gift. Thankfully so, as I would have been disappointed if I would have purchased it myself at it's cost. Excluding the ball, the toys are hard and heavy, a little too heavy for younger...
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By BabyLove143 on Fisher-Price_Reviews - Sep 4, 2011

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