Cosco Highrise Booster Car Seat

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High Rise Booster Baby Car Seat Lorraina Is the Perfect Car Accessory for Toddler Girls The Cosco high rise booster baby car seat Lorraina is a must-have item for parents of toddler girls. It provides the necessary security with optimal comfort for children in the 30 to 100-pound weight range and 43-57H. Kids get the comfort that they need for long car rides with a padded seat and armrests, while parents have a peace of mind about the well-being of their young children, allowing them to focus on the road the way that they should. The high rise booster baby car seat Lorraina features a black base with pink flowered fabric on the seat and arms. Young girls with feminine tastes will never get tired of this classic combination. The car seat has a flip-down compartment with a cup holder, which is great for storing sippy cups as well as small toys. The no-back design allows toddlers to rest comfortably against the regular seat in the car.


Product Title: Cosco Highrise Booster Car Seat

Manufacturer: Cosco

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