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Baby Travel Systems - Product Reviews

Most Helpful Reviews

1 Star Review Cosco - Eddie Bauer Travel System


LLFurtado - (December 11, 2003) This stroller is TERRIBLE. I cannot say one positive thing about it. At first, I loved the way it looked, the way it folded easily, the way it steered. I even wrote a review ranting and raving at how wonderful this system was- criticizing all the previous people who had written terrible reviews. Boy was I wrong.. This stroller squeaks so loudly, that it is humiliating to use it in the mall. People look at you as if you had the cheapest stroller on the market- when this is one of the more expensive ones. And no, WD-40 does not stop the squeaking. The wheels pop off the axel when walking in a straight line, and the back brake lock piece dangles from use. My son is only 6 months old a

5 Star Review Graco Mosaic Travel System


mehoang - (January 20, 2007) Great product & looks good too. Had the metrolite with my first and this one seems to be similar but smaller and has a nicer look to it! I purchased this product online from Albee Baby and their turnaround time was EXCELLENT!

5 Star Review Bugaboo is Great


jkuebler - (April 18, 2007) The bugaboo cameleon is worth every penny. It is very easy to maneuver and very easy to use. I love the way it can be used from newborn through toddler and the various settings for a multitude of uses. The bassinet is very comfortable and can be used separately from the stroller. Great purchase. I bought mine from which I highly recommend due to great price (no sales tax & free shipping) and service - including a 10% store credit program that allows you to use towards future purchases on their site.

Latest Reviews

2 Star Review Not CLEANING friendly

JuneNero-Jackson991 - (08/11/2012) If you are blessed with a child that demonstrates rapid growth , don't get this travel system. The car seat didn't even last a year as my child is tall for his age and his feet were cramped in the rear facing seat. The stroller is great with a open and closing sliding mechanism but dont get the stroller dirty! It is a cleaning nightmare! My baby threw up in the stroller and my husband nor I could figure how to dismantle it to wash it! Finally we called and found there were many screws and doo-dahs that had to be unhooked and unscrewed! What kind of KID THING isn't washer friendly? If you want it for the look, it's awesome, functionability...ok, durability, great, washer friendly no, no, NO!!!

4 Star Review Great Travel System

rkellyssranc - (05/25/2011) overall would recommend to someone who doesnt use the stroller much its a great product

5 Star Review Fab Travel System

Anonymous - (01/13/2011) The symbio feels so light and easy to push & manoevere which is a necessity as I am usually pushing one handed while holding my little girls hand. I am in love with the reversible handle as I always love to have my little one facing me; it makes it very easy to let them face the other way which is great when they are older as they love to watch what's going on in the world! Very easy to fold and fits well in the boot of my vw golf. The shopping basket could be bigger but at least you get one! Looks very neat and stylish and I am happy to push it around :) I love the brakes being on the handle as I always hate struggling to find it with my foot. Carrycot The carrycot is lovely and cosy; i just love the fact that you can raise the head end of the mattress - perfect for windy babies or babies with colds and for babies a little bit older so they get a better view of the world. I also love the fact that the apron zips on which ensures no drafts get through to baby!! Car seat! You can buy the logico car seat to make the perfect travel system with your symbio! Very simple to use, the logico feels lighter than my other car seat too which is a massive bonus! I just love the little pieces of elastic you can put the straps through so they are out of the way whilst putting baby in!! It really is the little things in life that make things better :) Absolutely brilliant buy!!!

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