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Shop for Baby Swings from! Give your little bunny the perfect place to snuggle up in the Fisher-Price Cradle-n-Swing - My Little Snugabunny. It's plush comfort and swinging fun in one great product. When babies want to relax this is where they want to go. The super-soft fabrics nestle the little one perfectly in position as they swing away at one of 6 different speeds. The side inserts are perfect for delicate newborns but are easily removed when baby gets bigger. With two recline positions three seat positions and the choice of side-to-side cradle swinging or front-to-back the options are many. That's music to a new mother's ears. And speaking of music this swing comes chock full. It plays 4 soothing songs to calm and comfort and 4 upbeat songs for play time. The two nature sound effects are sure to add even more variety to the experience. There's not much worse than that screaming-loud toy. With the volume control feature this won't be one of those annoying unbearable experiences. The overhead mobile spins little birdie friends around as the music plays and helps baby develop visual tracking skills. The mirror shows that shining face right back on the source and encourages self-recognition. When not in use it easily folds up for storage. Perhaps the best feature for mom is the included AC adapter. When you don't have four (4) D batteries on hand just plug it in and away she goes! Developmental Guidelines:Use from birth until child becomes active and may be able


Product Title: Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle Swing

Manufacturer: Fisher-Price

Power Score: 4.4 | 202 Reviews

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Great swing but not durable

My daughter lived in this swing for the first few months of her life, but then the motor died and it became no different than any other infant positioner. Would highly recommend this swing but the motor did not last as long as I had thought it would.

By bostonmom on Fisher-Price_Reviews - Sep 30, 2014

So disappointed!

I am so disappointed with this swing. my daughter has to be in motion in order to sleep and she really enjoyed swinging in her plush, comfortable swing. Unfortunately, We got about 2.5 months of use from this product before the motor no longer worked & we couldnt use it anymore. The mobile still works but the swing wont budge.We are now in the market for a new, hopefully longer lasting swing....
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By Momto3fornow on Fisher-Price_Reviews - Sep 30, 2014

Swing No More

We purchased this Swing in December of 2011 when our first child was born. Our little girl loved her swing. She was comfortable and loved to swing her way to sleep. It worked well throughout the possible usage time for our big girl -- approximately 3 months; and we used it nearly everyday. When her little feet were sticking out too far we diligently packaged all items in proper packaging and...
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By Skelly47 on Fisher-Price_Reviews - Sep 27, 2014

My kiddos love it!

We have this product, and have had it since 2011. Both of my kiddos loved it! This year the motor broke, although we got a lot of use out of it, we were disappointed since it was not abused or overly used. Then I called fisher price and they are sending me a new swing! Very nice customer support! We were on the phone for very short amount of time, we tried to trouble shoot and when it didn't work...
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By Timsmom on Fisher-Price_Reviews - Sep 23, 2014

Amazingly Effective...Until it breaks.

We got this swing as a gift and use it everyday. It's AMAZINGLY effective in soothing our son, in fact when it comes to naptime durning the day, its often the only way he'll fall asleep... A week ago I would have given this 5 stars, and I've already recommended it to a number of friends, but in the last week unfortunately - and this is after less than 4 months of use - the motor has gone out....
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By zenbeetleben on Fisher-Price_Reviews - Sep 17, 2014

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