Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle Swing


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Product Title: Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle Swing

Manufacturer: Fisher-Price

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Power Score: 4.4 | 197 Reviews

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Don't waste your money

We purchased this swing & used it for our first son who is now 2 years old. I chose it because of the features & it was a bonus that it was quiet. I thought I could use it for our 2nd son. He was in it for 3 months then the motor quit & it stopped swinging. Because I liked that it was so quiet silly me purchased a 2nd one. I figured maybe the 1st swing was just a lemon. Well...last night the 2nd...
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By USMCWIFE22 on Fisher-Price_Reviews - Sep 14, 2014

Sleepless nights

We received this swing as a gift and it was a life savor until week eight. Our son would not sleep anywhere else except in his swing but the swing quit working after only eight weeks. A great swing with a terrible motor! We did love the way the swing would swing both side to side and back and forth.

By Chris713 on Fisher-Price_Reviews - Sep 10, 2014

Great swing for four months

My first son was given the my little lamb swing. We loved it except for the speed with which it decimated batteries. So when he was four months old and it's motor died we got the my Lil snuggabunny to replace it. Similar design just a wall plug instead of batteries. Unfortunately, his died at Christmas so by the time the new swing came with the delay from the holiday he had transitioned to his...
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By yodababygirl on Fisher-Price_Reviews - Sep 7, 2014

Stopped swinging

I wa so excited to use this but it has stopped swinging. The sounds and all work but I need the swinging motion. I hope something can be done soon.

By Jacy on Fisher-Price_Reviews - Aug 20, 2014

if only it were more durable

I loved this swing and my baby did too! It was very soft and easy to clean, I loved all the features....until the motor died. I guess it wasn't built for rigorous use. My child would sleep for hours in it daily which made my life much easier. If I knew I would get more use out of it but from the other reviews it seems I'm not the only one that had this problem. I wish I had done more research...
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By KateE on Fisher-Price_Reviews - Aug 19, 2014

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